Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Thank you Jetstar!

I am really sorry that I haven't been on for a while. I have been really busy with work.
Gee, I do hope to escape the rat race soon! It's been a crazy of couple of months, finding balance between home and work, so let me catch you up...

We got FREE tickets from Jetstar!

I have planned our diving holidays since July 2015 and it was somewhat of a disappointment. It was a disappointment because my darling husband have some immigrations reasons due to passport validity!

So, even after pleading with the immigration officer, they want my husband to take the next plane back to Singapore. As the saying goes, the family that stays together stays together, so we all decided to cancel this holiday and go back, but unfortunately because of limited flights to Singapore, we were at the Ngurah Rai airport till we were boarded at 18:45..... (Yes, this is totally a nightmare!)
I do admit that this was a costly mistake and it is our responsibility to check the travel documents before travelling. However, I am only human and I cannot help to be upset with what happen. So, as soon as I arrived at home, l write a letter to Jetstar and here it goes:

Letter was sent 24 September 2015
To Jetstar Airlines / Jetstar Customer Service

I am writing in regards to a very unforgettable experience we had yesterday.
I have planned this holiday since last July and it was somewhat of a disappointment.
It was a disappointment because my husband was not allowed to exit the immigration due to immigration reasons, we were at the Ngurah Rai airport till we were boarded at 18:45..

We have booked our plane tickets last 31 July 2015, Booking Reference No ____, flight details:
23 Sep 2015 Singapore to Bali at 4:05 am 
28 Sep 2015 Bali to Singapore at 19:15 pm

This letter is not a complaint but rather a compliment to Jetstar Airlines for keeping their 10 points
Jetstar Customer Guarantee.
I also want to give some comments on areas that Jetstar might have overlooked and provide feedback as a customer on how to further improve your services.

Because my letter is lengthy and might bored you, I will outline this letter using bullet points, hopefully I can communicate my message efficiently, I would like to compliment Jetstar Airlines for keeping its promises and commitments as mentioned in your 10 points Customer Guarantees,

You have mentioned that:

1) Your safety is our highest priority

We are happy that we are able to touch down Denpasar Airport (Ngurah Rai Airport) safely,
though the flight has been delayed for 1 hour, getting there safely is what matters most.

2) We commit to provide the lowest fares with our ‘Price Beat Guarantee’*

Prior to booking with your airlines, I wanted to try and fly Garuda Indonesia because of their active advertising, recent promotions and the time flexibility that works for us, but because we are going on a group, I have decided to fly with Jetstar airlines so we can go all together.

Indeed Jetstar has offered the lowest fares, I have paid a total of S$1,368.00. (3 adults and 1 kid)
My only comment was payment has to be made at SP services to get this price, because if I pay using credit card, there will be additional admin charges, basically what is reflected in their screen is not a really cheap, as you have to pay for checked in luggage (if you have), meals, and the admin charges.
Looking at this, I hope Jetstar can look into this, I hope there will be no further admin charges if we pay Mastercard/visa.

I feel it defeats the purpose of booking online, you book because it is convenient and hassle free,
but in order for us to get the price without any additional charges, we have to go all the way to Singapore post to queue and pay. I think this area can further improve.

3. Our team are always here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

While being held inside the Bali Airport (Ngurah Rai), immigration has asked Jetstar Airlines Indonesia to assist us in anyway possible.Though it was not good to hear from Jetstar Indonesia saying that Jetstar Singapore should be penalised by the Indonesian Government for bringing passengers to Bali that obviously will be denied of entry and not doing a thorough check before checking in. They have mentioned that Jetstar Singapore has been negligent about this case.

Jetstar Indonesia has been helpful, and has tried their best to assist us but because there are limited flights going to Singapore, we were able to board the plane at 18:45, very tiring but happy to be back in Singapore. I just wish that if an airline can't get you a destination on time, it is required to put you on a competitor's flight if it would get you there faster than your original airlines next flight.

One thing that I want to highlight is that I hope the Jetstar will continue to improve its training by providing such courses such as "How to effectively communicate to Customers". The staff has promised to provide us some food but it never came. Maybe it is a language barrier that I have not fully understand the staff or maybe it was tiredness. But this issue was not a big deal to us since the airport has a lot of restaurants, it is the act, when you said something, you have to deliver.

4. We’ll let you know your choices if your flight is changed before you travel

As mentioned earlier, the flight has been delayed for 1 hour but we are aware of it, we received a notification at 22:16, (please refer to the attached screenshot)that our flight has been delayed and our new departure time is 5am. I think the notification is long enough to make necessary arrangements e.g. cab booking, etc. But it will be better if all the passengers has received the notification and not only the one who is registered which in this case, is my husband.

Last April, we have experienced flight delay with PAL (Philippine Airlines), and they have sent us an email, sms and a call informing us on the delay. I hope that Jetstar and look into this type of service, can be very expensive for the company but I think the act is very customer centric.

5. We’ll keep you updated and provide options if things don’t go to plan on the day

Booking online is the fastest and convenient way to buy tickets, but because of the busy schedule, most of the time, we tend to overlooked some very important details like your passport validity/expiry, especially when you are booking for others. Nowadays, when you book online, you do not need to input your passport details compared to others and because of this I have overlooked my husband passport details. And when we checked in, the staff didn't highlight to us as well until my husband has been refused to enter to Bali by the immigration.
I hope that in the future, Jetstar can add in this measure when we book tickets online, I think that's an important step to further enhance the safety and security of the passengers.

6. You will get what you paid for
Yes, this is the good thing about budget airlines, you have a choice when it comes to food, our money is well spent because we made a choice for something that we want and please send my compliments to the chef because I have ordered chicken curry and it was great!

7. You can have confidence in how quickly we will respond to an issue

Upon arrival at Changi Airport yesterday, we immediately went to the Ticketing service Row 3 at the
Departure Area because I want to ask what is the normal procedure of checkin in and why the staff didn't inform us or has allowed a passenger with a passport that has a validity period of less than 6months to travel.

Though it was our responsibility to check these important documents, I felt that Jetstar Singapore has a shortcomings / negligence on this part. I think it is a responsibility of Jetstar Singapore of not allowing the passenger to travel if in the first place they will be denied of entry.Though I have expressed my frustrations and comments to the person in charge (which I forgot his name) he has responded me well.
In the future, I do hope that Jetstar should do a thorough check as part of their normal process during the check in to alert the passenger about the passport expiry.And if in the event that Jetstar has allowed the passenger to travel, it is the responsibility of the passenger to take its own risk when he arrive to his destination.

8. You can have confidence in how quickly we will refund your money
Following my letter to Jetstar last 2013, Jetstar has responded to my complaint and in fact has given me a 50 dollar voucher but unfortunately, was never used. It shows the Jetstar is willing to spend for the customers.

9. We share your passion for protecting our environment

I am willing to support companies who are working towards protecting the environment, but sometimes saying is not enough, you have to practice it, it will be good if Jetstar toiletries (the one found in the toiler) such as soaps are environmentally friendly using biodegradable ingredients so they can be safely used by anyone, children, with sensitive skin, etc.
10. We commit to the privacy of your personal information

I hope that Jetstar will continue its promise on the privacy.

This was a very sad, gruesome, unpleasant experience because we were held in the airport for 12 hours, and this is not very easy especially when you are travelling with a toddler. Indeed, a very costly lesson for us because we cannot claim for all the expenses -- all the hotel bookings, our advance diving courses has been paid in advance.

We have saved money for few months to make this trip happen but unfortunately, not all the time luck is on our side. I felt that it could have been avoided if the Jetstar ground staff was enough vigilant but anyway, I still compliment Jetstar for keeping its promises and customer guarantees.

We will still definitely will fly again Jetstar airlines, but maybe not so soon because we need to save money. But I do wish that hopefully, Jetstar can giving us another chance to fly to Bali for free. So that my husband will stop blaming himself that this trip never happened.

Best Wishes for 2015.
Yours sincerely,
9 to 6 Mom

When it comes to contacting Jetstar, they really respond fast, in fact they have given us already vouchers and I am just happy to received it.
But wait there's more.... 

Thank you Jetstar!  

Now, off for our next trip.....can't wait to fly with Jetstar again!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

History of Whoo Gongjinhyang series reviews

Remembering my post last January 2015 regarding this History of Whoo Gongjinhyang series that I got from Changi Airport, as promised, I am doing my Whoo reviews today, and guess what -- I am still using it as of today!

Let's start with:

In Yang Balancer 
  • An Oriental medicinal hydrating facial toner
  • Contains "Gongjinbidan", a secret royal court formula presented exclusively to the ancient Korean emperor & empress
  • Delivers moisture to quench & soothe dry skin
  • Blended with wild ginseng cordyceps sinensis for revitalizing benefits
  • Creates skin harmony between the yin-yang conformation principle
  • Leaves skin firm, soft, clear, smooth & radiant
Review:  This toner is water like feel on the skin and when applied you feel that it hydrates your skin instantly.  I like it because I find it suitable for my skin type which is oily and dry, it works well with the all through the year climate of Singapore, which  is hot and humid with minimum average temperatures of 23 degree Celsius and maximum of 31 degree Celsius sometimes 35, humidity here lies between 70 to 80 percent. (beat that! all year summer huh)

Qi & Jin Essence
  • A rich herbal serum to boost the elegance & beauty of modern women
  • Developed from the secret royal court skin care formula of the old days
  • Offer a luxurious & silky sensation
  • Effectively nourishes & soothes skin
  • Keeps skin balanced via the principle of yin-yang harmony
  • Quenches moisture within the skin by increasing water & diminishing fire
  • Leaves skin soft & smooth with a healthy glow
Review:The texture of the essence is rich but when applied to the skin, it absorbs fast and leaves nothing behind. After applying this essence, I feel that it goes deeper into my skin's layers and I can instantly feel the softness and suppleness on my skin after one application.

In Yang Lotion 
In Yang Lotion is an herbal nutrition emulsion that stimulates the skin’s viability.  It improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture and adds radiance to the skin.Containing “Gonjinbidan” and “Wild ginseng Cordyceps sinensis”. Gongjinhyang helps create a more attractive skin tone. Through the principle of yin—yang harmony to keep skin balanced and the principle of increasing water and diminishing fire to enhance moisture within the skin while soothing it effectively, it gives skin a new radiance and smoothness.
Review: I find this product ideal for those who have a very dry skin, the texture is rich so you only need to apply a little bit each time. 

Qi & Jin Eye cream 
  • An oriental medicinal firming eye cream
  • Features a delicate texture for fast absorption
  • Contains "Gongjinbidan", a secret royal court formula presented exclusively to the ancient Korean emperor & empress
  • Loaded with wild ginseng cordyceps sinensis for revitalizing benefits
  • Firms the thinning skin around the eyes without irritation
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines
  • Unveils a softer, smoother, clearer & younger looking eye area

Review:  Again, this product is super rich and a little application truly does go a long way and this is one of the best eye cream I have ever tried.  I am very conscious of my eyebags especially that I am turning 40 in few years time! After more than 6 months of using this eye cream, I noticed an improvement on my wrinkles and dark circles.  

Tip: It’s always best to keep face products in cool, dark places because heat can change the formulas and make them less effective.  Putting your eye cream in the fridge has an extra benefit – the coolness will instantly  de-puff and soothe tired eyes.

Qi & Jin Cream - is an Nutritional cream that protects facial firmness from the facial outline damaged caused by the flow of time. A secret court ingredients  nourishes skin with energy from the deep inside.

This product is my another fave from this series. The texture is light and easily absorbed by the skin and even I put other creams or sunblock, it blends well.  

You can buy this product at TANGS eStore, 

Overall, I am very pleased with this History of Whoo Gongjinhyang series  and highly recommend to give it a try.
After more than 6 months of using this product, I had no allergies and it made my face soft, smooth and radiant.   But it is still best that you do a skin test before trying it out in case you have any allergies to the ingredients.

I hope my reviews are somehow helpful!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Stop the clock with Bio-Oil!

Getting older is inevitable. You can’t keep from getting older but you can delay the appearance of ageing skin and wrinkles.

For many people, the signs of ageing start showing as early as in the twenties.  Telltale signs of ageing such as wrinkles, age spots and sagging are due to the loss of skin’s elasticity.

The cause of ageing skin is both external and internal.  Internally, just like any other organ in our body, our skin’s functionality deteriorates as we age. External factors such as sun exposure, smoking and environmental pollutants can all contribute to fine lines and wrinkles.

What can we do about them?  Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare product for scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone.  Its unique formulation, which contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™, is also highly effective for ageing and dehydrated skin. 

Bio‑Oil contains the vitamins A & E, as well as natural plant extracts – chamomile, calendula, lavender and rosemary, for soft, smooth and supple skin. Bio‑Oil also hydrates the skin and thus improves the texture, tone and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Kim Kardashian revealed it as her secret weapon to keeping wrinkles at bay.

In 2011, Bio-Oil conducted clinical studies to evaluate its efficacy when used to improve the appearance of ageing skin on the face, neck and body. Women of varying ethnicities and ages used Bio-Oil twice daily, morning and evening for 12 weeks.  Results showed that Bio-Oil is effective in improving the overall appearance of ageing skin on the face, neck and body. (Stephens USA, 2011)

Beauty Tip: Prevent ageing hands. Pamper your hands with Bio-Oil after each wash, hands will feel smooth and silky and smell absolutely divine!

Bio-Oil is now available in three sizes and available at all leading pharmacies, selected departmental stores and hospitals.

Bio-Oil 60ml retailing at SGD $15.50
Bio-Oil 125ml retailing at SGD$25.90
Bio-Oil 200ml retailing at SGD $35.90

For more information, visit bio-oil.com.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My inspirational quotes to live by

Every now and then, we all feel a little low, not motivated and sad. Time like this, I usually call and talk to my mom, I think hearing her voice is good enough to comfort me. Then, I read my favorite quotes from the women or men who made it to the top.

Here are some of my favorite inspirational quotes....

When  I feel ugly,

When I feel I do not have any achievements,

When I feel broke,

When I feel old,

When I think about the future,

When I want to be bitchy,

‘Nature gives you the face you have at twenty. Life shapes the face you have at thirty. But at fifty you get the face you deserve.’
Read more at http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/blogs/547165/coco-chanel-s-25-snappiest-quotes.html#cTYJSGhD8tAZyUAI.99

These quotes are little reminders that we all need now and then, powerful enough to inspire and uplift our spirits.

How about you? What are your favorite quotes? 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Unique and Fun Date Idea with my Hubby

Instead of going out for our usual movie dates every weekend, we decided that we tried scuba diving this time, since we are both fans of ocean life, I think this a great opportunity to see all the beautiful creatures below the surface.

NOTE:  Before you head off to the water, make sure you get your certification first!
And if you are diving first time, try scuba at pool before deciding to join Open Water Diver Course.  Our instructor is offering it for FREE! Check his site to find out more details http://www.htscuba.com

We both took our course from  Metropolitan YMCA Aquatics program, RecTechHT, Mr Hakan Taspinar, Senior Scuba Instructor and Aquatics Manager. I can say that it is really important that you go underwater with someone who makes you feel confident, relax and whom you can trust.

We went to Tioman island, it is a small island located 32 km of the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.  Closer to Singapore and is accessed via ferry service from Mersing. 

Mersing Jetty

This is where we stayed,  Panuba Inn Resort, a private area, isolated and quiet environment.

Photo courtesy of Jason

Fishes everywhere!

Oh that's my hubby trying to swim with the turtle!

Feeling more connected to nature, there is an entire magical world under the ocean, it gives you the opportunity to swim among creatures that we normally not accustomed for being around.  

We will never forget how amazing it feels to swim deep in the sea, and discover things that you've never seen before...

So, try scuba diving on your next date, a once in a lifetime experience, it'll be a money and time well spent!
Our dive buddies (photo courtesy of RecTecHT)
Looking forward to our next dive trip!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The history of Whoo

I am in my mid 30's and I can't believe that at this age I am currently battling wrinkles and acne!
I've often complained about how unfair it is that I have to worry about both at the same time, but rather than just whine about it, I've been trying, sampling, and testing as many skincare products as I can get.

So, last Tuesday I was at the Changi Airport and I discovered one product that I can try--The History of Whoo.  Have you heard about this product?  well....this is the first time I heard of it!
After discussing with their beauty advisor,  below are the few facts that I learned from this brand..

  • This product is from Korea and one of the best Korean luxury brands to date.
  • The History of Whoo was developed in an effort to comprehensively resolve problems experienced during skin ageing rather than a specific skin problem using secret beauty formulas of the royal court and gongjinbidan, which was presented exclusively to emperors and empresses,  Gongjinbidan, a combination of young antler, Angelicae gigantic Radix, Japanese Cornelian cherry, Acanthopanax, wild thyme and Asparagus lucid Lindley, is a heaven -blessed secret for promoting energy and blood flow within the skin.  The secret beauty formulas of the royal court where scientifically revived to include the gongjinbidan formula contained in Whoo. (In short, ingredients are all natural Chinese medicinal herbs which date back to the ancient Daewoncun dynasties that are known to be effective!
This is what I have...Gongjinhyang series, the set consists of:

In Yang Balancer - This is an oriental Herb Tonic that provides softness and moistness by supplying water essence to dry skin.  In Yang Balancer maintains clear and firm skin.

Qi & Jin Essence - is an oriental herb concentration essence that contains Gongjinbidan, which provide firmness and nourishments deep into the skin.

In Yang Lotion - this provides gloss and life to skin by supplying sufficient nourishment and moisture. By penetrating deep into the skin. In Yang lotion keeps your skin and healthy.

Qi & Jin Eye cream (wrinkle improvement function cosmetic) - is a cream firms the skin around eyes that has thin layers of skin with more tendency to wrinkle.  This solve the problem of wrinkles around the eyes with excellent free ingredients.

Qi & Jin Cream - is an Nutritional cream that protects facial firmness from the facial outline damaged caused by the flow of time. A secret court ingredients  nourishes skin with energy from the deep inside.

The good thing about my skin is that it reacts quickly so I can easily tell if the product works or suitable for me..

So, stay tune for my next post, I will be sharing my reviews about this product.

See you soon!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

7 is a lucky number!

It has been a while since my last post, it's been a bit crazy lately and I am just always trying to catch up!

My darling daughter turned 7 this July.  Boy, how time flies!  Here are some pictures from her birthday.  She decided she wanted to have a Disney's Frozen theme and what better way to celebrate it than to take her friends out for a skating party.  Party on Ice! The girls were so cute and thrilled.
Party at Ruby's Diner

Blow before that ice cream cake melts!
Daddy has to take care of 10 girls in the rink, what a feat!

She's getting better at this!

We love you my dear--to the moon and back!  I look forward to many more years with you, you will always be our baby girl.