Saturday, June 6, 2015

Unique and Fun Date Idea with my Hubby

Instead of going out for our usual movie dates every weekend, we decided that we tried scuba diving this time, since we are both fans of ocean life, I think this a great opportunity to see all the beautiful creatures below the surface.

NOTE:  Before you head off to the water, make sure you get your certification first!
And if you are diving first time, try scuba at pool before deciding to join Open Water Diver Course.  Our instructor is offering it for FREE! Check his site to find out more details

We both took our course from  Metropolitan YMCA Aquatics program, RecTechHT, Mr Hakan Taspinar, Senior Scuba Instructor and Aquatics Manager. I can say that it is really important that you go underwater with someone who makes you feel confident, relax and whom you can trust.

We went to Tioman island, it is a small island located 32 km of the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.  Closer to Singapore and is accessed via ferry service from Mersing. 

Mersing Jetty

This is where we stayed,  Panuba Inn Resort, a private area, isolated and quiet environment.

Photo courtesy of Jason

Fishes everywhere!

Oh that's my hubby trying to swim with the turtle!

Feeling more connected to nature, there is an entire magical world under the ocean, it gives you the opportunity to swim among creatures that we normally not accustomed for being around.  

We will never forget how amazing it feels to swim deep in the sea, and discover things that you've never seen before...

So, try scuba diving on your next date, a once in a lifetime experience, it'll be a money and time well spent!
Our dive buddies (photo courtesy of RecTecHT)
Looking forward to our next dive trip!