Monday, May 28, 2012

A Sneak Peek: Pregnancy Photos

A dear friend of mine from High School who works for a pharmaceutical company in the Philippines emailed to ask me for a favor about two months ago.  She needed a pregnant model for a prenatal vitamin they are launching and she thought I would be the only one up for the job.  Apparently she thought I look good pregnant, which I thought was funny.  I always hid from the camera when I was pregnant the first time around so I never did have a lot of pictures during my first pregnancy.  I resisted this challenge for quite some time as I had to build up some courage to get in front of the camera.  Of course, I was also waiting for a bump to finally show, thus the wait.  Well I finally did it! Here's some pictures that came out of the shoot.

The photographer was also a good friend of mine which made it easier for me to agree to do it.  I think she did a wonderful job considering I was an amateur model.  She also took photos for my DD's holiday pictures in the past.  Since these turned out so great, I am planning on hiring her again for a family portrait when the baby comes out in the Fall.

It made me feel sad that I never did this when I was pregnant with Mads, but happy that I will have these pictures to reminisce with the new baby when he is older.  I don't think I will ever see myself pregnant again after this one so it's nice to have something to look back to.

About my Pregnancy

Just to share with you about my pregnancy (first 10 Questions from The Pregnancy Journal)

1. Was your pregnancy planned or surprise?

M: Planned pregnancy for me but surprise for my husband.

2.  When did you begin to think about having this baby?

M: Last year (August) when my Dr friend visited me in Singapore he told me that I was getting old so I better get pregnant ASAP.

3.  When did you suspect you were pregnant?

M:  After our Port Dickson Holidays (New Year)

4.  When your pregnancy was confirmed, how did you react?

M: Happy and scared!

5.  How long did it take you to become pregnant?  Did it seem quick or slow?

M:  Took me  3 months to work on this, well I feel its slow but others think it was really quick..thanks to What To Expect Fertility App

6.  What is the best thing about being pregnant?

M:  Everybody is giving you an extra TLC, you are not allowed to work a lot, they give you a Free Seat most of the time, and I feel confident & good without make-up.

7.  What challenges do you foresee with  this pregnancy?

M: My OB said that I am high risk for preeclampsia, I hope I will not have one when I reached my 3rd trimester.

8.  Who were the first to know you were pregnant and what were their reactions?

M: My husband, my Mom, Dad, Sisters and few very close friends.

9.  What was the first thing you bought specifically for this baby?

M: nothing at this moment but I already have a crib from Pali (gift from my ex-boss), few clothes from my sister who lives in Dubai.

10. What hopes and dreams do you have for your baby?

M:   I hope my little angel will be beautiful inside and out, without ever feeling that he is better than everybody else, will have faith in his self, will work hard to achieve his own goals and dreams and love his family...

The Pregnancy Journal: A Day-to-Day Guide to a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy by A. Christine Harris (available at

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Gorgeous Week That Was

What a beautiful weather we've been enjoying this past week!
Since Monday, Britain has been basking in the beautiful sunshine.
 An average of 25C all  day long  (as sometimes it can be sunny yet windy or it suddenly gets cold towards the later part of the afternoon, but not this time though).
The evenings on the otherhand,  are  just very warm. Little Girl's bedroom  night temperature is around 27C so it really makes her so uncomfortable. I have to leave our windows open whole day and night.
It is such a pure delight to see people all dressed up in their summer clothes -  for a while I thought we were in the Philippines!
We've been out and about since Monday and Little Girl still manages to jump and splash  in her paddling pool after a long day out  while Mummy watches over her with a glass of port wine. Just fantastic!

Here are some of our outfits of the day:
(We  couldn't manage any photos on the weekdays as Mummy is lousy on the camera unfortunately.
 We  have to wait on weekends to exploit Dearest Husband, lol!)

I'm wearing a jumpsuit and gladiator sandals from Tesco's f&F clothing.
Rado Original Diastar watch  I've got for about 20 years now    
 Accessories from SM  Davao
Little Girl on her Strawberry on Faire kids summer dress and Lelli Kelly sandals

I'm wearing shorts and white top from H&M  
Michael Kors logo jet set travel tote  
Hush Puppies brown wedge
 Little Girl on a  Rocha.Little Rocha white shirt  
Zara pink shorts 
 Lelli Kelly sandals

I've promised myself  I am  going to take a break from shopping especially as we are going to Paris and I am getting myself  a new phone which is not in the plan/budget.
 Unfortunately, I happened to drop by Gap and managed to get Little Girl these:
Butterfly Pink Jelly Sandals and baseball hat from GAP
and this gorgeous grey dress from H&M at £5. 
Mother-in-law came round Friday morning and left 2 dozens of Dahlia seedlings.
I was especially thankful as:  1,  Dahlia's one of my favourites, 2;  saves me plenty of money from buying them  from the garden centres instead and 3;  saves me time from growing them.
It came from my father-in-law's cousin.
I had time to plant them this afternoon. I just could not believe that I was in the garden till about half past 8pm.
The weather was just truly fantastic.
Dahlias at borders
And at pots
In about a month or two, they will start flowering, just can't wait. They are lovely! I will update you on this.

I had a good look around my garden and realized  if only we have a regular normal weather,  imagine what the sunshine can do more given the progress it can  in just a week's time.
The petunias from last week's planting
I also noticed the Lillies buds are already coming out. In a week or 2 it will start flowering. Hmm,  they are so lovely.

Our weather forecast says sunshine will be with us until tomorrow and back to wet and gloom on Tuesday, oh no!!!!  I hope it will turn around before Jubilee celebrations next week.
We are going to the Rugby Club and the theme is 1950's. I have no idea how to arrive on a 1950's outfits but I still have a week to plan.
In the meantime, I find it urgent to help Little Girl do the  Father's Day cards for her dad, 2 grandads and great grandad. That is more urgent and important.
Anyway, I got to sleep now.
I just consumed a bottle of port wine while watching Desperate Housewives. It said we are only 2 episodes away from its finale. Think I will be crying!!

Good night everyone.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Retail Therapy

I haven't shopped at the mall in a long time.  Ever since I found a better way of getting my shopping needs with a click of a button, I've been hooked.  I can't stay too long on dressing rooms to try clothes on as my DD gets bored and always decides it's time to hide from mom because I'm too busy fitting to look for her.  Since trying on was the only convenience of shopping for clothes and I don't get to enjoy it, I prefer buying items online even when it comes with the hassle of having to mail it back in case of returns.  The downside? I end up keeping items I don't particularly love.

So I did mention I went out shopping as a way to celebrate my happy news.  The problem with me is, I can't just go buy one item when I am at a department store.  I tend to look around for things that I might need in the future...and buy things I don't really need just because.  On Wednesday, I ended up buying a new pair of sunglasses.  I own about 7 already...but not in this brand.  So there's an excuse. Hahaha
Chloe aviators in black with gray gradient
Then another pair of Crocs mary janes that my DD surprisingly liked, it was in black thus my surprise when she would not take it off.  She already owns a purple Crocs in keely mary janes and I have already ordered the same style in pink in her next size online.  She tells me this one she will wear for school so she does not get her pink ones dirty.  Good point.
Crocs mary jane Genna in black
Then another cute bright summer dress.  My DD only likes to wear dresses these days.  I have to fight with her tooth and nail to get her to wear leggings underneath every skirt each time.

Freckle and Kitty dress
That night, I realized I forgot to buy a few things that I actually need.  I make a mental note of going to Marshall's the next day to purchase some pajamas for summer.  With my expanding belly, I no longer fit on my sweat pants so I have been walking around the house in a tank top and underwear.  I bought these ones that caught my eye. 
Carole Hochman sleepwear, they run about $80 and got them for $16.99
Aria sleepwear in dainty pink, from $48 to $18.99
I purchased these two because of the delicate details such as lacing and button enclosures on top.  I figured it will work well in my entire pregnancy and also with breastfeeding in mind.  It will be easier to pull out breast than having to pull up entire shirt while holding baby in one arm.  I have tons of nursing tops to go out but none for sleeping.  If I like these, I will come back to get some more.  They were a great bargain! 

Of course it would be so untypical of me if I don't venture towards a few isles down and see what else I can snag before heading out.  I saw this table cloth cover that would just be perfect with the place mats that I own.  
Ralph Lauren table cover, originally $54 down to $24.99
I ended up buying the longer length, I kept them anyway because my MIL (mother in law) is coming in a few months and she is good with the sewing machine.  I think I can use the extra fabric to cover my side tables.  I like this fabric.  It is does not have the feel and look of plastic but it is stain resistant, water repellant and wipe clean only.  That's what you get when you have 100% polyester. With kids, you want everything in your household that has those exact words.

Madison was not with me when I went shopping this time, maybe it would have been better for my budget if she was.  More time means more spending.  I saw these really cute note cards.  I could not resist them.  Especially when I found a box with Mad's initial on it.  I could always use them for Thank you cards later. 
Laura Ashley "M" note cards and Papyrus cards

Then next to it, I saw this really cute wall art deco stickers that I know my DD would just love.  I bought it with the intention of decorating her play room with it but of course, she has other ideas!

They are reusable stickers so they come off easy in case she changes her mind

She insists that the fairies will keep her company at night if it's right next to her bed

My Happy Darling daughter

I also bought a few bottles of assorted candy sprinkles for the candy pops I intend to keep making, and walked over to the nearest shop to buy throw pillow covers to complement my new table cover.  I think it would be a tad too much to post all that I purchased.  That sums it all.  There is a reason why I try to avoid shopping in a one stop shop department store.  I literally feel like I only have one day to shop and do not know when to stop :P

Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Own Piece of Good News

I am so happy to learn of madsaboutu's very good news.
I can empathize with her on the shock, uncertainty and disbelief.
I am so glad there was a light at the end of her short tunnel.
And I am very proud of her coming through this trial,  better and stronger.

I too have my  own share of good news. In fact I received it last Tuesday.
The long year of agony of not knowing what's going on  with your body is a pure physical and mental torture. Wouldn't it be better if somebody can put a name on your suffering?
Undergoing through  all sorts of  medical tests and seeing different medical practitioners with them  all having the same verdict of positivity regarding my medical concern was not helping at all.
How can they all say I am perfectly all right when I am suffering each day?

My medical concern is regarding my back. It began about 14 months ago.
The pain and stiffness I thought at first was just muscular and yet  carried on for weeks, then months produced panic and anxiety.
You could not blame me when I am having a difficulty in  breathing, numbness in my whole left arm, waking up to pins and needles  in the middle of the night, pain radiating to my chest, squeezing pain in the neck that produces headache , weird sensations like something is strongly pounding on my back, and the soreness and   pain   especially on very cold days.
It left me with sleepless nights. Am I having a heart attack? (when  confronted with chest pains)? Or is it a stroke? (pins and needles and numbness days).

 All my tests came back negative (xrays and blood tests for rheumatoid arthritis,anemia, thyroid problems and even ovarianl cancer were all ruled out.
I had also a 24 ECG as I complained of severe palpitations in connection with all the pounding thing on my back that radiate to the chest area.).
So I've seen and done physical therapy sessions for more than a dozen both from the NHS and private. Still no help.
I've done my own share too, improving posture, stretching exercises, heat pack and stopped breastfeeding when Little Girl was 17 months
I did not want to really because I wanted to carry on till she's 2 years old. But my mother was insistent. Looking back, I can say breastfeeding played a great role in my back pain although I have no regrets.
I fed my Little Girl every 2 hours until she was 9 months old.
And in those 17 months I breastfed her, I was literally BREASTfeeding her as she was never on a bottle. Not even one single feed even if I was away from her.
Plus, as she gets heavier, the more my back coped with her weight.
Additionally, there were plenty of times that I was forced to feed her while laying down on bed which made me curl up to adjust to her. And you know the rest, posture again.

Finally this year, it was advised I had to go through MRI scan - for  my peace of mind as my thorough physical and neurological exams all came out fine.
All my reflexes are perfect even up to the  tip of my smallest limb.
And this is the only test left we have not done yet so far.
So I agreed. I was assured that even after having this test, there is no probability of surgery or worse, cancer (as this is my biggest paranoia).

Yet the paranoid in me could not sleep.
What if they would discover a tumuor?  Would it be cancerous?
How would I cope? How would my family cope?
Would I die young?  What will happen to Little Girl?
So I spent nights researching about spine cancer. The more I read about it the more I realized that the only symptom I have is back pain.
But even this  still could not assure me.
So came the MRI scan day. I had  not slept even a single minute the night before.
 Reading again on all the  internet forums regarding the procedure is just a  bad idea.
I went to the hospital so tensed I have to press the buzzer halfway through.
It wasn't because I am claustrophobic. It was because of the noise.
I was asked to come back when I'm ready and my GP gave me low dose benzodiazepine to calm my nerves.
I am so proud to say that I did my MRI scan again a fortnight ago without taking the said drug.
I managed laying  still in that  very noisy big cylinder for 25 minutes!!

And the results day arrived. It was last Tuesday.
I thought I'm going to faint while in the waiting area. All the negative things are going through my mind.
When we were ushered inside, I could not wait to tell the physician of my fears.
I just wanted her to tell me the news straight away, good or bad. Fortunately, it was all good news.
She said they could not find anything on the scan. She even showed us the digital images of my scan.
My spine is perfect. All the surrounding nerves and all the discs are in correct position.
I have an ideal spine every patient of hers  dreams of. Wow, I was just so relieved!!!
I was told I just have to carry on with my stretching exercises which admittedly in the last weeks slowly diminished most of my symptoms.

So afterwards, I needed to celebrate. So celebrate we did!
Together with my parents-in-law, we went to The Virgins and Castles Pub in Kenilworth.
Filipino cuisine is in their menu as the owner is a Filipino. I had caldereta (braised beef in tomato sauce with potatoes and carrots). It was just yum!

Good night everyone.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Much awaited news

I took a little break from blogging due to the recent news that my family and I received during our 2nd trimester ultrasound screening with the a perinatologist.  I came in with my Hubby and DD thinking that we would just get the usual anatomy scan and much to our shock and disbelief, the specialist told us that she saw a choroid plexus cyst on one side of our baby's lateral ventricles.  Now, if you guys don't already know, I just started my career as a sonographer and I knew every detail the doctor was measuring on the baby before she could even call us in her office to inform us of the situation we were about to go through.  I started tearing up when I saw her scanning the baby's nuchal fold thickening at the back of the baby's head over and over.  Something was wrong.  I could tell just by the way the doctor's demeanor changed from the minute she saw something that could cause an alarm.  It did not end there, she could not find the nasal bone on the baby.  You got to be kidding me! In my mind, I was already trying to figure out how in the world am I going to handle a baby with Trisomy 18 or 21? I tried to be calm as my I could tell from the corner of my eye that my hubby was almost holding his breath when he sensed how upset I was.  I did not want to panic because my 4 year old was in the same room with no clue as to what was going on.  My fears were confirmed when we entered the doctor's office and she told me that the nuchal fold was measuring 6mm, over the limit of what they would expect with a normal fetus.  She asked me if I wanted to get an amniocentesis right then and there.  I told her there is a higher risk of me having a miscarriage than getting a baby with an anomaly.  She agreed and told us to go home and think it over.  We decided to do the second trimester quad screening so we could get hard facts before we make any decision as to how we would go forward with situation.  I must say, it was the longest 7 days of my life.  I was crying my eyes out for about 48 hours and then told myself that I was being ridiculous.  It wasn't going to change anything.

Then I thought about all the details that happened.  It could not be possible that I would have missed my baby's nasal bone when I was scanning him before.  I decided to get checked out again at my work, went to see a different doctor and a nuchal certified technologist to see if they could get a different result.  I was told my baby was fine.  Measuring 2 weeks and 4 days ahead of his estimated due date, but healthy.  I wasn't surprised that he would be huge.  My husband's family were known to deliver macrosomic babies.  Still,  I walked in my OB's clinic with a sinking stomach.  The doctor assured me that the specialist was just being an alarmist, my blood test results showed I was negative for Trisomy 18 and 21.  I was so happy, I could not get myself to get mad at the specialist who told me that she was confident with her abilities and that she suggest I do something invasive to make sure my baby is normal.

test result from the quad screen all came out negative for four anomalies
I took my daughter out shopping after.  I had to blow off the steam somewhere else! Nordstrom was so close and my spirits are back to normal.  We ended up with a new pair of  Chloe sunglasses and Charles David sandals for myself.  I purchased DD a really pretty Kitty and freckles summer dress and new Croc maryjanes.  I will blog about it later when I get the chance to take pictures.  When we got home, I even suggested to Mads that we should do a trial on making the cake pops for her birthday.   It was a great way to celebrate my excitement of being an expecting mother once again.

getting ready to try my new cake pop maker from Babycakes
The cutest little helper.  Can you tell by her grin that she really likes to beat the eggs?
Cake mix with candy sprinkles as per Mads special request
Pops came out so puffy and in perfect circles on the second batch
The candy melt for icing had to be pink of course!

I  made the cake coat too thick so it took some time to dry
What better ending to this already great day that I am having.  What a week it has been.  I am so glad this trial is all over.  If there is anything I learned from what happened, is that now I can empathize with the pregnant patients that I scan who are undergoing risky pregnancies.  It is a sad place to be in and I can only hope that I don't have to ever go through a scare like that again.

By the way, I am now 125 lbs! I gained 15 lbs for the last 20 weeks.   OB says It's ok since I was underweight to begin with.  I did not care at all.  Having a 10 lb baby is the least of my concern.  As long as he is healthy, I am happy.  Tonight, I will get myself a pedicure.  That is, if I can still reach my toes without hurting my belly.  
Wearing my Gucci sandals in bronze, my toe nails are dying for some color
Looks like I badly need one :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Glorious Monday

We are having a very lovely weather outside.
The forecast is finally right. And I hope it does not end today.
Little Girl had a fantastic time splashing in her paddling pool while Mummy was also enjoying her afternoon glass of port wine. I've finished the remaining half of the bottle from last night.

Where am I Mum?

She always drinks the bath water

And still runs back inside the house to check her Cbeebies show

And mummy's afternoon delight - a glass of port!

The afternoon was still great despite me feeling so stupid.
I accidentally threw my cellphone in Little Girl's paddling pool filled with water.
I forgot that among the other things in the bucketful of her bath toys was my beloved phone and I just threw them straight away into the pool.
Too late. My phone is now dead, gone forever.

Happy Monday everyone.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Grocery Shopping

My love is very lazy to do grocery with me, he has 1001 reasons why he hates doing grocery shopping with women (in particular) and here some of it:
1.  He hates long queues in the cashier
2.  He hates crowds
3.  He complains that women tend to check everything, expiry date, food content, etc.
4.  So many factors to consider in choosing 1 item, the cost, brand, and even color (should be at least color coordinated with the kitchen)
and so much more.....

Since I do the grocery ALONE! and I’m no fan of random grocery trips, I limit myself to once or twice a month...Good thing that in Singapore, most of the supermarkets offer a Free Home Delivery for your grocery shopping.  Isn't that great?! 

It is my first time to shop in Giant most of the time I do my grocery shopping in Cold Storage but the price is a little bit expensive so I decided to try Giant.

Giant offers Free Home Delivery with purchases of S$200 and above in a single receipt.
The only not so good about it is that if I made purchase after 2 pm, delivery will take the 1-2 days.
For my case, they can only deliver my goods after 2 days.

Last time, it will be either a package from my online shopping but's my grocery shopping!

We have two fridge, one for cooked foods and the other one is for juices, milks, and skincare (lol!)

This is my great find!  Hands-Free Can Opener for only S$9.90
You can get this one in here JML

Well all I can say, I will continue to shop in Giant because aside from the good price, I can earn & redeem points and most of all I can have FREE Schulte-uffer Cookware with stamps. (I get 1 stamp for every S$ 40 purchase, ohhhh my I can't wat to collect them all!)

So, I wonder how do you plan for your grocery shopping?

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

9 to 6 Mom

Friday Shopping

Last Thursday, at the very last minute, I cancelled  a 5 hour shopping  at  Bicester Village.
I had again a terrible back pain episode and even the thought of shopping could not make it better.
I just had to stay at home.
I was not bitterly disappointed in anyway because Covent Garden London  was the one really on my mind. Dearest Husband was visiting one of their depots on the other side of London, that is why.

So came Friday and in much better condition (after a thorough back stretching)  I feel the need to make up for my lost shopping day.
So off Little Girl and Mummy went to spend Dearest Husband's earnings.

And we came home with these lot:

Cynthia Rowley Sleeveless Jumpsuit with a gathered waistline and slash open back. 
I saw this a fortnight ago and in  fact even mentioned it on my post regarding my shopping on that day.
I am very glad I came back for it because it is just fantastic.
Think I will  be getting another one with the solid blue on the upper part.

I also got this blue dress. I have no idea where to wear it yet but it is good to know I have something beautiful in my wardrobe  (that only costed me £5) in case an occasion calls for it
Yes, I  just got this for that small amount. This was originally retailed at £49.50  but since it is already out of season thus the price reduction.
It was in my size and in one of my favourite colours so I see no reason to  pass up this very good, rare opportunity.
Max C London blue long sleeve dress

And then I spotted this blue top at Dorothy Perkins.
It is my size and it was on the sale rack.
From a regular price of £20  reduced to £5, another very good steal!!

Which I wore today when we went out to do some errands.
Little Girl this time just wanted to join me in our photo op.
Dorothy Perkins blue top
H&M shorts and tights
black Carvela ankle boots.
Little Girl is wearing both top and jeans from Pumpkin Patch 

I was also  trying to get a new black wedge for summer.
I was torn between the 2 gorgeous wedges from Geox but they just did not feel right on my feet.
Little Girl as usual does not want to be left out so she must also try the said sandals.

Lastly, I got these 3 beautiful pairs of garden gloves.
Weather permitting, Dearest Husband and I must tackle the garden  tomorrow to get it ready for summer. And that will be another blog.

Have a very good weekend everyone.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Me Time Pampering

Little Girl slept so early tonight that I think I deserve some me time pampering.
I have been working on introducing an earlier sleeping pattern on her.
Since birth, she would always sleep so late,  4 am the latest when she was around 2 months.
She gradually changed but was still on the 11-12 midnight sleeping time.
People would often tell me not to worry because she will soon change in time.
I do not know when would that time come as lately she sleeps as late as 12 midnight.
I thought I have already brought forward her sleeping time to 9pm until she went back to 12 midnight this week.
This was no problem to me before as it suits me fine as a stay-at-home mum but there are times I just wanted us to get out of the house before 9am (toddler group days) and I hate waking her up when she is just sleeping so peacefully.
Also, she is going to school next year so there is really a need to let her use to sleeping early at night.

I had a heart-to-heart talk with mother-in-law this afternoon over this concern of mine.
Honestly, I have had tried everything to sort this problem.
Even my mother (who was here last year together with my father for  6 months visit) gave up.
I just feel terrible thinking I am a bad mother because I could not let my daughter sleep early.  
It is easy for other people to say do this, do that, but actually they are not the one putting all the lights out as early as 8pm after reading a dozen of story books and a lot of singing  only to still still experience a very active toddler running or jumping in bed.
I am still counting myself lucky though. My only problem with Little Girl is being her a late sleeper.
She was never a crier not even at times when she was hungry, teething or poorly.

But I did something drastic tonight.  I did not let her nap in the afternoon.
She was still her very usual active self.   Playing with her toys in her playroom, dancing to her favourite Cbeebies show and playing in the park.
Come half past 4pm she was so tired.  I know she wants to go to bed but if I give in she will wake up at around 7pm and you know the rest - she would sleep so late again.
So, I stood by my firm decision that she cannot go to sleep yet.
I waited until almost half past 5pm  before giving her early dinner.  When her daddy came home from work,  I asked him to bathe her.
Half past 6pm  and we were already in bed . We only managed to read 1 story book and she was already  off  to dreamland.
I was just so happy but was crossing my fingers  at the same time. We did this many times before but she would always wake up at around 8pm  and would not just go back to sleep till around 12 midnight again.
I must be so tired  of thinking that I joined her  eventually in dreamland and woke up at 9pm.

I was so used to being busy for Little Girl at this time of the night that I do not know what to do.
And then I suddenly remembered this Infrared Bubble Foot Spa that parents-in-law gave to me last March.  It is still in the box so I asked Dearest Husband to prepare it for me as I was on my lazy moment.

And here I am enjoying my foot pampering.
apology for my appearance, I just got out of bed

 I also tried the pedicure centre with its pumice stone.  I just push it with my foot and it felt heaven!
I am always exfoliating my feet  because we tend to get dry skin heels here especially after winter.

And my very happy feet after 20 minutes session.
A few more sessions and with a dose of some red nail polish  then this pair of feet will be summer ready

I felt so invigorated after.  My feet just felt so smooth and lovely.
I am always a big fan of body scrub and I tend to extend it to my feet then still exfoliates it after.
But this is way much better and easier.
I think I will have another go and try on the other attachments of the pedicure center

Little Girl woke up at around 10pm and I was like this is it again -she would now  go back to sleep at 4 am. But luckily she did not.   She went back to sleep within 30 minutes.

Afterwards  I still have time to myself and get to finish this book.
I have and will always be a huge  John Grisham fan.

And now, I still could not go back to sleep .  Blame it on the earlier 2 hours of sleep.
It is now 1am and I am blogging.
And my stomach just reminded me that I have not eaten anything yet. Time to attend  to it now.
Goodnight everyone.