Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunshiny Sunday Still

And the sun is still with us today,  just pure heaven !!  A very  unclouded Sunday still.
19C of sunshine but slightly breezy.
Not complaining though,  in fact very grateful and just enjoying it.

I did another load of washing, again  (sorry to bore you off but as I said I am just simply taking advantage of drying my washing naturally).

But we did have fun in the afternoon. We went to Hatton Country World.
I just love this place especially its Shopping Village (garden centre,  toy shop, kitchen shop,  antique shop  and a lot more).
I like the excitement of  finding crafty and good quality things rarely available in the High Street.
There is also an area for children called Farm Village - from animal adventures to play areas.

an array of shops 
and the children's piece of heaven on earth 

Of course Little Girl could not wait to start joining in the fun

While I indulged  myself with some ice cream.
Rare  beautiful weather like this deserves an afternoon of frozen dessert.

Afterwards, I have to begin with my big must do - check all the shops.
I started with the Antique shop. I love this shop although I could not afford most of its items.
But I did manage to buy  a jar before,  now happily sharing its beauty in my dining room.

My next stop was the shop called The Outlet. It is a department style factory outlet for the whole family. Shoes, clothes, gift ideas, footwear, children and menswear, garden things, name it and they surely have it.

 We bought Little Girl some items from her favourite Cbeebies show the  In the Night Garden
An Upsy Daisy Hat. Oh,  how she loved  it and wore  it most of the time we were there despite the wind constantly blowing it away. I was even very surprised as it is always a big challenge to put anything on her hair/head.
An Upsy Daisy short pyjama set
I also bought some personalized birthday cards.

Then I carried on enjoying the other shops.
I tried staying away from the toy shop especially as Little Girl was with me.
Our last stop was at Liv- Furniture & Things. This is my piece of heaven on Hatton Country World.
It is like stepping into a magical world of home furnishings.
There is no visit here where I came home empty handed.
My house is just enjoying its products.

And here is Little Girl sitting comfortably in a stool she found at the shop.
She was adamant in sitting there and would just  refuse to get up.
She just sat there while I had a good look around although she kept on telling me to sit down in the chair next to hers.

People who have come to visit us at home would notice my wall signs or plaques.
I got this  hanging wooden vintage toilet sign.  Although it is spelled in French, I just could not simply resist it as it coordinates with the rest of my toilet theme.
This is by the way for my toilet downstairs.
Never mind if I already have an existing hanging wooden The Loo sign which I also got from this shop last year.

my very British old toilet sign 

I also got some lovely posters.
These two will be for my kitchen. I just love its vintage effect.
I could only imagine sitting in a Victorian cafe adorned with these pictures.
The paper quality and the way it is printed just made these gorgeous posters seem old fashioned.
I just need to put them into either a distressed or shabby chic frames to totally achieve the vintage effect look.
And at  £2.99 per piece  it  truly  is a must buy.

And another two for Little Girl's room.
Which I hang in the wall by the side of her bed. This way, we can include her ABC's in our bedtime stories.

There were other more tempting prints.
I am already thinking of getting some more to make a statement wall in my toilet downstairs.
I am now just restless and could not wait to start.

Have a very good night everyone.


  1. Awww...Emilia is so cute with that jumpsuit! I am so glad you had some sunshine! And what a great way to celebrate but with some ice cream! I love shopping for little knick knacks too.

  2. It rained on us today, then a bit of sunshine again then rain. In fact it's raining hail. Last weekend's weather was breezy but we don't mind that as long as the sun is out. We always appreciate any amount of sunshine Mr. Sun can spare for us. That is how desperate we are for any warmth!