Sunday, May 6, 2012

My biggest temptation...Shopping!

Busy or not, I always find time to squeeze in an hour or so into my shopping schedule.  During the weeks that I was kept inside the house or the library to cram for my board exams, I still managed to get a little treat here and there by hitting the online website and pushing that checkout button.   I just find it so rewarding to see boxes waiting at my front door when I get home.

I usually wait for the brand items to go on sale from this site.  For these batch I bought my DD a very cute party bubble dress.
Of course it has to be pink as it is still her favorite color
  Then I decided to get her a sandal that would work with the dress.
And she loves anything that sparkles
 Then I thought I'll throw in some big girl sandals as I could never just pick one.  After all, summer is around the corner and she will need plenty of sandals to go around.
Eddie Marc sandals
I also had to get another maxi dress for myself.   I already bought a few earlier this year but I couldn't resist a great bargain when I see one.  And just look at how my tummy has grown!  This is my belly at 18 weeks.  I think I was this big with Madison at 32 weeks! I guess, this little boy is not going to come out so little!

Lol.  The dress was 3 inches too long but thanks to my belly, I was able to pull it up around it
And what's the first thing I do when I found out I passed from registry? Have DH take me shopping.   Went to  Baby GAP and was not able to resist the temptation of shopping for infant clothing.  I know I am not due until five months from now but some winter items were on sale and I was not going to pass up on that.  Come October and all the items that will be on the sale rack will be from summer.  Let's just say, I shop smart. 

Baby GAP on 40% off, purchased over a dozen items for only about $100
And while I am blogging right now.  I am also about to purchase organic baby clothes at Rue La La for half its price.  These are from Kushies, they have an eco friendly line that I adore.  They will only come out to $18 a piece!

Well so much for waiting until baby comes out to do my shopping huh?  I'm known for my impatience and it's showing. 

Today is another warm Sunday for us and we are heading out to the beach! I hope everybody is having a great weekend!


  1. I am so jealous!! First, you have a very warm weather, second, you can just go to the beach anytime weather permitting, third, summer sandals for Mads (exact opposite to Emilia's welly boots) and of course, the maxi maternity. Is that from Gap? I went there also yesterday as they are also having 50% off sale on GAP kids. Got little girl some tops and leggings. My heart crashed when I saw the gorgeous maternity clothes and thought I could have been 16 weeks gone. But anyway, it wasn't meant to be on my case. You look very good with the dress. And love the new hair! Did you have it a bit darker? And the fringe (bangs) suits you! Have fun on the beach. And I do agree on the smart shopping. I do the same for Little Girl. It's just really an excuse to go shopping but they grow up so quick and what better way to do but shop!!

    1. The maxi is not from GAP but probably looks similar since this is a very common pattern. I got it from the American Twist dress sale online. I didn't get a color, I just got the layers and had a fringe bangs but thanks! Don't worry, you will have your time again, just have faith.

  2. I like the maxi dress, saw that too in Gap website and I am so jealous of your bump, its bigger than mine...Agree with Mummy Nors, you look good with that new hairstyle..
    Enjoy the beach!

    1. First pregnancies are usually smaller...i heard. In my case, I don't want to start showing soon. It is difficult to be pregnant at work, with all the miscarriages and pregnancy issues I see everyday. Women start trying to get me into conversations about pregnancy...and in the back of my head, in less than 30 minutes this woman will find out she has lost her baby. It sucks, but it is what it is.

      Enjoy your pregnant body, big or small, it is an awesome experience. Soon, you will wonder how your belly just grew twice its size almost overnight!:)

    2. I have to agree with madsaboutu. First pregnancies really are usually smaller and shows quite late. So do enjoy it although I can understand the frustration. but do enjoy it now, because as my case with Little Girl, I was still very small until 30th week and then I just ballooned esp. on the very later part wherein you could not even reach your legs or toes while showering!