Friday, May 4, 2012

My Fantastic Friday

Dearest Husband and I went to our dentist earlier today for our biannual check. Everytime we go there, we  always feel like school children on our way to be scolded by the head master. So, we have to extra  floss and  extra clean our teeth just for this time of the year, or else we get a thorough sermon, not by the dentist, but by the technician!!

After the dentist appointment, I went shopping. I spent the whole afternoon shopping on my own as Little Girl was with her grandparents.

I came home with these lot:

This is a Fossil cross body bag. It is from their Maddox collection. It is a convertible flap. Can be worn either as a shoulder or as a handbag.

I was especially happy to have found this as I also got a Fossil cross body bag last year. Only it was in brown. It was part of their vintage collection. I believe they are re-issuing some of it now.

Since the arrival of Little Girl, I started to have a soft spot for smaller bags. Back then, I used to favour big bags. The bigger, the better.  The sudden love affair with smaller totes must be due to the fact that I also used to  carry a nappy bag separately although I do not do now as Little Girl is in love with her Cath Kidston mini rucksack.

I also got myself some pretty tops:

An Amphora top that I cannot wait  to tuck it in with skinny jeans or wear it over a pair of black leggings.  

K&D London top

And a maxi dress. I am a huge fan of this type of dress and probably can just blog about them. I cannot wait to start wearing them if only our weather would permit so. Or if not looking forward to wearing this in Paris or in the Philippines on December, hopefully.

Patterned Maxi dress by Influence

I also got something for Little Girl:

Purple tutu skirt from H&M
Hello Kitty toddler umbrella by H&M

And I cannot wait to go back to get the Cynthia Rowley jumpsuit.  I was very  undecided earlier and I hope Dearest Husband would not object as I have had just spent a fortune on Joules on the recent weeks with the following items:

Milham Women's Gilet in Navy Blue
Purple 3-in-1 jacket. Worn together for wintry days. Left one can be worn on its own  on rainy summer days and the right one for  cooler spring, autumn days.
Women's Carrick Boots

Junior Carrick Blue Boots for Little Girl

Junior Welly Girls in Aztec Blue for Little Girl. She is still a size 7 at the moment so this an advance purchase.

And  back to my shopping spree today, I can say the best buy I got would be this:
 Blue floral Scrub sponge, perfect for my blue themed kitchen!

There we go, I just spent Dearest Husband's earnings. But every good wife/mother always deserves an occasional treat. Good night everyone and happy long weekend to the British bloggers who might happen to pass by this blog of ours.


  1. Those boots are cute, how many rainboots do you guys need to own?! It really does rain a lot, I am almost jealous. I like the rain, only when I get to stay home all day and be lazy though. The pink top is also pretty...I don't buy a lot of chiffon fabric clothes because it gets warm here and I feel those don't work well with our weather.

    1. The Carrick boots are not welly boots/rain boots. Although they can be worn during rainy days and snowy days as they are waterproof, got a good grip and very warm inside.
      We've been having really wet days- for days and nights now, since April. We are so fed up with it!
      I am poor in identifying fabric material. The tag says 100% polyester, is that so? Although these type of blouses can only be worn during summer here. I will go very cold if I wear them on winter.

  2. Dearest Husband just read this blog and complained - "There is nothing there that says you bought also something for me". I replied, "Well, increase my shopping money so that I can include you in the budget", haha.

  3. I wish I can wear boots here too...I love the maxi dress, I like the pattern and the color.