Saturday, May 19, 2012

Grocery Shopping

My love is very lazy to do grocery with me, he has 1001 reasons why he hates doing grocery shopping with women (in particular) and here some of it:
1.  He hates long queues in the cashier
2.  He hates crowds
3.  He complains that women tend to check everything, expiry date, food content, etc.
4.  So many factors to consider in choosing 1 item, the cost, brand, and even color (should be at least color coordinated with the kitchen)
and so much more.....

Since I do the grocery ALONE! and I’m no fan of random grocery trips, I limit myself to once or twice a month...Good thing that in Singapore, most of the supermarkets offer a Free Home Delivery for your grocery shopping.  Isn't that great?! 

It is my first time to shop in Giant most of the time I do my grocery shopping in Cold Storage but the price is a little bit expensive so I decided to try Giant.

Giant offers Free Home Delivery with purchases of S$200 and above in a single receipt.
The only not so good about it is that if I made purchase after 2 pm, delivery will take the 1-2 days.
For my case, they can only deliver my goods after 2 days.

Last time, it will be either a package from my online shopping but's my grocery shopping!

We have two fridge, one for cooked foods and the other one is for juices, milks, and skincare (lol!)

This is my great find!  Hands-Free Can Opener for only S$9.90
You can get this one in here JML

Well all I can say, I will continue to shop in Giant because aside from the good price, I can earn & redeem points and most of all I can have FREE Schulte-uffer Cookware with stamps. (I get 1 stamp for every S$ 40 purchase, ohhhh my I can't wat to collect them all!)

So, I wonder how do you plan for your grocery shopping?

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

9 to 6 Mom


  1. lol to the 2 fridges at home, I bet the other one is really filled up with most skin cares, Rochelle owns them perhaps? haha
    Like your love, we also hate long queues especially if you are in a hurry and you got a very bored toddler but we got no choice or else we go hungry.
    We do our shopping once a week because I want most of my food fresh especially the veggies. We tried not to buy meat anymore in the supermarket because the quality is not really good. We get instead from our local butcher shop.
    I list down all the items first this way we won't forget something important.
    We always go to Tesco because most of what we needed are available in this supermarket. Little Girl always comes with us. It's part of her learning knowing all the veggies and the fruits. When we are in the milk section, she screams right away for her milk. She drinks a lot of fresh milk everyday. We also love collecting coupons too.

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  3. do you believe me if I say its all mine???Chelle doesnt have any skincare regimen (hard to believe right?!)
    Btw, forgot to mention in the blog, my grocery shopping were all dry goods, Giant doesnt allow fresh, wet or any perishable items to be delivered due to food and safety reasons, so for my fresh meats/seafoods, fruits and vegetabless I usually buy every week or have it delivered by Green grocer...check this link

  4. How do you order your groceries? Do you go online or you call by phone? wow, how I wish I can do that here. We usually go to Costco, it's a big warehouse, i think the same as tesco that nors is referring to. But for produce I go to our local organic market or asian market. We rarely buy any meat but when Mads and I are in the mood for it we head out to Fresh and Easy.

    You should blog about your skincare regimen. It's quite intriguing!:)

  5. Mads, how do I order my grocery? funny thing is that I go to Giant and pick up those goods, pay and they will deliver it (sounds that Im very lazy right?!)..but for green grocer you have to order online.
    and about my skincare, I only have few but I put it all in the fridge. But at the moment, I stop all of it including my suncare... well try to blog about it since I have all the before and after pics lol..