Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The history of Whoo

I am in my mid 30's and I can't believe that at this age I am currently battling wrinkles and acne!
I've often complained about how unfair it is that I have to worry about both at the same time, but rather than just whine about it, I've been trying, sampling, and testing as many skincare products as I can get.

So, last Tuesday I was at the Changi Airport and I discovered one product that I can try--The History of Whoo.  Have you heard about this product?  well....this is the first time I heard of it!
After discussing with their beauty advisor,  below are the few facts that I learned from this brand..

  • This product is from Korea and one of the best Korean luxury brands to date.
  • The History of Whoo was developed in an effort to comprehensively resolve problems experienced during skin ageing rather than a specific skin problem using secret beauty formulas of the royal court and gongjinbidan, which was presented exclusively to emperors and empresses,  Gongjinbidan, a combination of young antler, Angelicae gigantic Radix, Japanese Cornelian cherry, Acanthopanax, wild thyme and Asparagus lucid Lindley, is a heaven -blessed secret for promoting energy and blood flow within the skin.  The secret beauty formulas of the royal court where scientifically revived to include the gongjinbidan formula contained in Whoo. (In short, ingredients are all natural Chinese medicinal herbs which date back to the ancient Daewoncun dynasties that are known to be effective!
This is what I have...Gongjinhyang series, the set consists of:

In Yang Balancer - This is an oriental Herb Tonic that provides softness and moistness by supplying water essence to dry skin.  In Yang Balancer maintains clear and firm skin.

Qi & Jin Essence - is an oriental herb concentration essence that contains Gongjinbidan, which provide firmness and nourishments deep into the skin.

In Yang Lotion - this provides gloss and life to skin by supplying sufficient nourishment and moisture. By penetrating deep into the skin. In Yang lotion keeps your skin and healthy.

Qi & Jin Eye cream (wrinkle improvement function cosmetic) - is a cream firms the skin around eyes that has thin layers of skin with more tendency to wrinkle.  This solve the problem of wrinkles around the eyes with excellent free ingredients.

Qi & Jin Cream - is an Nutritional cream that protects facial firmness from the facial outline damaged caused by the flow of time. A secret court ingredients  nourishes skin with energy from the deep inside.

The good thing about my skin is that it reacts quickly so I can easily tell if the product works or suitable for me..

So, stay tune for my next post, I will be sharing my reviews about this product.

See you soon!