Sunday, September 29, 2013

Madison's 6th Bday...late post but better than none at all!

Since we are in the birthday mood, I might as well post pictures from Madison's 6th birthday.  She turned 6 last July but I had been so busy with a new job and just starting to settle in our new home that I had not had the chance to post pictures of her party.

We had a Hawaiian Luau theme, Madison specifically asked to have this party since she was in a Polynesian dance class during Spring season and we agreed that was a great idea.

We made fruit cups with umbrellas
What's more hawaiian than a pineapple ham skewer?
Pulled pork, pineapple fried rice, macaroni pineapple salad, pigs in a blanket, coleslaw salad, pineapple sweet rolls, stuffed mushrooms and  pineapple drinks!
One great thing about having an Italian mother in law, they can cook up a storm!
A Luau themed bouncy house and a Hammock
Even some of the kids showed up in their best luau outfits
Her hibiscus flower bday cake
To her daddy's Hawaiian shirt
With shaved ice for the kids, and a sno-ball game and spin art stations for entertainment
Our bday girl blowing her 6th bday candle
Opening her presents
With her hawaiian for a day kinda family  :)
I think from now on, we are going to have birthday parties at home.  We feel like we need to make tons of memories in our new home and so far we've had a lot of fun doing it so low key.  No rush, no fussing over getting stuff in and out, and best of all, clean up whenever you feel like it.

So to the next year's parties!!!

Yves First Birthday

Last Saturday, 21 September my little angel turned one.
After looking around at numerous party places for Yves 1st Birthday, we decided to do an “exclusive” party at Outback in Millennia Walk (Singapore).
While I was thinking about how to celebrate his first birthday, I did wonder whether I should celebrate in the hotel, Club, engage a party planner, find a magician, send out beautifully designed invitations and fill the entire space with candies and balloons. Then I saw sense and decided that a little party would do just fine.

As it turned out, I think I made the right decision. The focus of the event was entirely on my son – friends and families who were all excited to see Yves. And although he won’t remember it, I know that it was a perfect party for a one year old.

Here are some party details:

Before the event I corresponded with Outback via email and had meetings with the party coordinator to discuss the details of the party. We went over in detail the no of guests, decorations, arrangement of the tables, wines, dessert bars, and most important of all ..the food.

I can say that Outback did a great job! They were very accommodating and helpful.
That weekend was F1 (talking about road closure, parking space, traffic, etc!)
But Outback staff made it so easy for us and our guests. They gave us a special road pass for us and for our guests, free parking tickets and they even allowed us to bring 5 bottles of wine-free corkage!

Outback Steakhouse at Millennia Walk

The e-invites

animal mask for the kids

The food..

My husband, being French is very particular with food.
So, we decided to do a buffet style instead of ala carte.
While waiting for all the guests to arrive, appetisers like house of blooms (onion rings), kookaburra wings and Outback famous bread were served in the table.
Kookaburra Wings

Baby Chocolate Down Under

Additional desserts from the dessert bar

candies, chocolates and more goodies

M & M, Cadbury chocolates


Of course, party will not be complete if there are no games

Memory Game

Pop the Balloon
The prizes and the loot bags

We also did the actual blowing of the candles and ceremonial cake-cutting

Cake by Cake Avenue

I am happy that the whole family are all here to celebrate Yves 1st birthday.
These are the memories I want him to have, I want him to know how important and special He is..
and to my Yves, wishing you more birthdays to come and may all your dreams come true..
We are lucky to have you and love you soooo much!

Lola & Lolo

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Jackson's First Birthday. It's a train party! Choo Choo

My big boy turned one and I was so excited to throw this party for him.  Took me a week to finish all the details but it came out as well as I planned it, I are some pictures from his train party.

Family photo picture because I always end up on not being in any other pics
Food area
Mandarin salad, Mac and cheese, Chicken Piccata, cheese rolls were served to our adult friends
Little favors that I made up of signs and big candy lollipop
I swear this cake is real, I slaved away for it! 
Sign from outside our house, ideas I got from Pinterest
With our own home made train made out of boxes
Our Kids food station with our very own train cars as food containers...I made all the decors too!
Edamame, carrots,chicken nuggets, pretzel logs and chips for our kid's food station
Our drinks/fuel station

little signs here and there made for some conversation pieces

Blowing his cake with the help from Madison

In the end, it was all well worth it just to see my big little man just crack a smile.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

To The Far East We Went - Philippines

Prologue : This post took place back in January this year.

Right after 9to6mom's visit and just as the wintry weather was getting worst, we were more than glad to escape to the sunshine.
And what better tropical place to go to than to my beloved home country - The Philippine islands!

With the 12 hours flight and with nothing to do apart from watching what is available on the in- flight entertainment (and eating & sleeping), Little Girl and Mummy thought it best to experience the latest on technology -  Facebooking while aboard SQ317 London-Singapore flight  all thanks to internet access while on air (but at $10 per 10MB and at a turtle's pace it was relatively $10/minute which of course I didn't carry on)
What boredom can do on a long haul flight!

Nothing can really compare to being  back HOME
to the food we grow up with
Traditional Filipino breakfast - steamed rice, some veggies, tocino and danggit with vinegar dip.

Or how  about some suman and biko for breakfast instead? 

Philippine lechon commonly gracing a Filipino occasion and here for my Little Girl's 3rd birthday

to catching up with good friends we left behind

experiencing the year round sunshiny weather (that I took for granted most oftentime while still living there)

be with former work colleagues

and of course to be with family again!

with siblings, parents and cousins bonding over Ahfat's classic food

The Emilia's, re united!
Little Girl and Grandmother met again!

with my father here with my Little Girl's coconut tree which he planted on the day my Little Girl was born
Little Girl and her coconut tree on a photo op on their 3rd birthday.
This is their 3rd picture together as every homecoming we see to it that little girl gets to have her picture taken with her coconut tree. 

with my paternal  grandparents.
My grandfather who is 96 years old  (and with no offence to the rest of my family)  is the one I look forward to seeing most every homecoming! ( with his age obviously).

And the rest of some of the family members taking time to be with us on my Little Girl's 3rd birthday

And last but not the least to meet again these special children.
Dearest Husband and I (and the rest of our family and some friends) feel so privileged to have met these wonderful children and somehow share some of our blessings.
They are indigenous children of the mountains of Davao. They are either abandoned, orphaned, neglected  or displaced due to poverty and  rescued and given a chance in life by Pag Amoma Foundation

January 2013
December 2011

Nothing can really surpass the feeling of being home.
And although we wanted to stay a bit longer yet we also have commitments left behind in the UK.

This is the first part of this Far East trip. The second part (and my little girl's birthday) would be on the next post.

I am trying my hardest to find time in my very busy schedule nowadays to sit down in front of the computer and share what I am up to.
For the time being, my priorities are my major  DIY dining room make over, little girl's school run and my ICT course (yes I just went back to school!).

Good night everyone.