Sunday, September 29, 2013

Madison's 6th Bday...late post but better than none at all!

Since we are in the birthday mood, I might as well post pictures from Madison's 6th birthday.  She turned 6 last July but I had been so busy with a new job and just starting to settle in our new home that I had not had the chance to post pictures of her party.

We had a Hawaiian Luau theme, Madison specifically asked to have this party since she was in a Polynesian dance class during Spring season and we agreed that was a great idea.

We made fruit cups with umbrellas
What's more hawaiian than a pineapple ham skewer?
Pulled pork, pineapple fried rice, macaroni pineapple salad, pigs in a blanket, coleslaw salad, pineapple sweet rolls, stuffed mushrooms and  pineapple drinks!
One great thing about having an Italian mother in law, they can cook up a storm!
A Luau themed bouncy house and a Hammock
Even some of the kids showed up in their best luau outfits
Her hibiscus flower bday cake
To her daddy's Hawaiian shirt
With shaved ice for the kids, and a sno-ball game and spin art stations for entertainment
Our bday girl blowing her 6th bday candle
Opening her presents
With her hawaiian for a day kinda family  :)
I think from now on, we are going to have birthday parties at home.  We feel like we need to make tons of memories in our new home and so far we've had a lot of fun doing it so low key.  No rush, no fussing over getting stuff in and out, and best of all, clean up whenever you feel like it.

So to the next year's parties!!!


  1. Nice party! if we only have a big house like yours, we will always have a reason to party lols...
    Did you buy the bouncy house?

  2. Pardon my replies, a bit hard to comment using my handphone...Belated Happy Birthday Madison!

  3. Oh dear! I just opened this blog and it seems we are on a birthday fest (and I am about to do one as I said in my last post) as recent posts are all about birthdays!

    The food looks so tasteful - proper party food and those fruit cups are really in keeping with the Hawaiian theme!
    I didn't even realize you already moved into your new house when you had this party?
    Bouncy castles are really entertaining and a must for a children's party (only if we can do the same on my little girl but we always have snow in February!)

    Madison is just growing up so fast! And very pretty!

  4. 9to6mom, no I rented the bouncy and the games, they come in and set everything up and pick up at the end of the day. I would not buy as I try to keep the theme different and would not make sense changing up everytime. It's also cheap to rent the bouncy, only about $100 a day.

    MummyNors, the party food for this party was all home cooked, as you can see, I have my MIL here so she was a lot of help! Yes, we moved to this house a little after April, just never really got the chance to entertain or show our new home until much later, took us close to two months to just unpack! LOL