Saturday, September 28, 2013

Jackson's First Birthday. It's a train party! Choo Choo

My big boy turned one and I was so excited to throw this party for him.  Took me a week to finish all the details but it came out as well as I planned it, I are some pictures from his train party.

Family photo picture because I always end up on not being in any other pics
Food area
Mandarin salad, Mac and cheese, Chicken Piccata, cheese rolls were served to our adult friends
Little favors that I made up of signs and big candy lollipop
I swear this cake is real, I slaved away for it! 
Sign from outside our house, ideas I got from Pinterest
With our own home made train made out of boxes
Our Kids food station with our very own train cars as food containers...I made all the decors too!
Edamame, carrots,chicken nuggets, pretzel logs and chips for our kid's food station
Our drinks/fuel station

little signs here and there made for some conversation pieces

Blowing his cake with the help from Madison

In the end, it was all well worth it just to see my big little man just crack a smile.


  1. Looks like a great is so creative! now I have an idea what to do on Yves next birthday.
    Happy Birthday Jackson! wishing you more birthdays to come and all the best things to come...

  2. Happy birthday Jackson!
    And I love your train theme! And mommy is a party planner in the making!
    I love the happy birhday banner - did you do that yourself?
    And I am intrigued on the signs - not their birth years?
    I love the train cars as food containers- very imaginative!
    And can you share your chicken piccata recipe please?
    Yes, I have to agree with you on making beautiful memories in our homes and birthday parties are one of the best way to do it!

  3. Hi MummyNors, I did make the banner myself, Madison traced all the wheels and cut them up for me. I used art construction paper and just made it look like trains. I printed the signs from the computer, the ones with green arrows are the miles away our house is from the cities with their names ( Jackson - which is the state capital of Mississippi, and Madison, the state capital of Wisconsin) places of which we have never been to! So, to keep up with the train theme, we have decided to do miles to get there. If you don't know, those names are also American Presidents...James Madison and Andrew Jackson. So...that's how we came up with the names, we have two presidents that have state capitals named after them. hehehe

    Anyway, the mac and cheese and chicken piccata were all catered food from a restaurant. Cheese Rolls were from Portos bakery, same place we bought our wedding cake from. The only food I can take credit for is the mandarin salad and my little boy's birthday cake which btw, took 3 hours to make! whew. Who would have thought. Yes indeed we have decided we will make plenty of memories in our new homes and what best way to do it than to celebrate parties here! :)