Monday, September 16, 2013

Yves is turning One soon!

All I can say is where has the time gone?
I can't believe it's been a whole year since this little man came into our lives and it has gone by so fast!
My YSL will be turning one this Thursday, 19 September..

Here are some of the photos from Yves first outdoor photoshoot
Yves shirt by  H & M
Denims by Zara Kids
Shoes by Pediped
Balloons from Auntie Weng 

Yves shirt by Janie & Jack

Will be posting more pics soon..


  1. So handsome!!!!
    And look at him now compared to what I just posted before this? How fast he've grown!
    And what a very cute, ideal photo shoot model!
    He can easily pass up as the product endorser of the items he wore!
    Happy, happy birthday Yves. We miss you and we love you.
    Don't grow too fast, it makes me (and your mummy and tita Bing, old, lol!)

  2. True...I feel old! lol

    Omigoodness...I can just swallow him up, He does have a lot of Minnie but I definitely see hints of Leo here and there...the ears and eyebrows maybe? lol. He is so handsome! At least he smiles for photos! Jackson refuses to budge for pictures, I have to pretend to sneeze to get great laughs from him. I can't believe he is boy is so heavy, he cannot even take a few walks without sitting down to take his breath,hehehe.