Sunday, September 29, 2013

Yves First Birthday

Last Saturday, 21 September my little angel turned one.
After looking around at numerous party places for Yves 1st Birthday, we decided to do an “exclusive” party at Outback in Millennia Walk (Singapore).
While I was thinking about how to celebrate his first birthday, I did wonder whether I should celebrate in the hotel, Club, engage a party planner, find a magician, send out beautifully designed invitations and fill the entire space with candies and balloons. Then I saw sense and decided that a little party would do just fine.

As it turned out, I think I made the right decision. The focus of the event was entirely on my son – friends and families who were all excited to see Yves. And although he won’t remember it, I know that it was a perfect party for a one year old.

Here are some party details:

Before the event I corresponded with Outback via email and had meetings with the party coordinator to discuss the details of the party. We went over in detail the no of guests, decorations, arrangement of the tables, wines, dessert bars, and most important of all ..the food.

I can say that Outback did a great job! They were very accommodating and helpful.
That weekend was F1 (talking about road closure, parking space, traffic, etc!)
But Outback staff made it so easy for us and our guests. They gave us a special road pass for us and for our guests, free parking tickets and they even allowed us to bring 5 bottles of wine-free corkage!

Outback Steakhouse at Millennia Walk

The e-invites

animal mask for the kids

The food..

My husband, being French is very particular with food.
So, we decided to do a buffet style instead of ala carte.
While waiting for all the guests to arrive, appetisers like house of blooms (onion rings), kookaburra wings and Outback famous bread were served in the table.
Kookaburra Wings

Baby Chocolate Down Under

Additional desserts from the dessert bar

candies, chocolates and more goodies

M & M, Cadbury chocolates


Of course, party will not be complete if there are no games

Memory Game

Pop the Balloon
The prizes and the loot bags

We also did the actual blowing of the candles and ceremonial cake-cutting

Cake by Cake Avenue

I am happy that the whole family are all here to celebrate Yves 1st birthday.
These are the memories I want him to have, I want him to know how important and special He is..
and to my Yves, wishing you more birthdays to come and may all your dreams come true..
We are lucky to have you and love you soooo much!

Lola & Lolo


  1. Awww that's a great one year party too! Yves looks so cute with his four teeth, Jackson had three front teeth and two bottom ones for a while, looked so funny and uneven...hehe. Then yesterday another one came out so at least it's now an even number, heheh.

    I didn't see so much pics of daddy with him? perhaps camera shy? I'm glad your parents came to visit in time for his party, made me wish mine were close by so they can be on our parties too.

  2. yes Daddy is afraid of camera!

  3. Wow! You had a coordinator for this party? Must be so grand! ( I only had a coordinator on my wedding which even took a whole team and 9 months of planning!).
    I am glad your whole family was able to come and celebrate with Yves on this very significant occasion.
    Again, like Madsaboutu your food is as delectable as hers!
    Yves is so cute! I couldn't see him though on the clothes I sent him?
    Happy birthday Yves and don't grow too fast.