Thursday, October 1, 2015

History of Whoo Gongjinhyang series reviews

Remembering my post last January 2015 regarding this History of Whoo Gongjinhyang series that I got from Changi Airport, as promised, I am doing my Whoo reviews today, and guess what -- I am still using it as of today!

Let's start with:

In Yang Balancer 
  • An Oriental medicinal hydrating facial toner
  • Contains "Gongjinbidan", a secret royal court formula presented exclusively to the ancient Korean emperor & empress
  • Delivers moisture to quench & soothe dry skin
  • Blended with wild ginseng cordyceps sinensis for revitalizing benefits
  • Creates skin harmony between the yin-yang conformation principle
  • Leaves skin firm, soft, clear, smooth & radiant
Review:  This toner is water like feel on the skin and when applied you feel that it hydrates your skin instantly.  I like it because I find it suitable for my skin type which is oily and dry, it works well with the all through the year climate of Singapore, which  is hot and humid with minimum average temperatures of 23 degree Celsius and maximum of 31 degree Celsius sometimes 35, humidity here lies between 70 to 80 percent. (beat that! all year summer huh)

Qi & Jin Essence
  • A rich herbal serum to boost the elegance & beauty of modern women
  • Developed from the secret royal court skin care formula of the old days
  • Offer a luxurious & silky sensation
  • Effectively nourishes & soothes skin
  • Keeps skin balanced via the principle of yin-yang harmony
  • Quenches moisture within the skin by increasing water & diminishing fire
  • Leaves skin soft & smooth with a healthy glow
Review:The texture of the essence is rich but when applied to the skin, it absorbs fast and leaves nothing behind. After applying this essence, I feel that it goes deeper into my skin's layers and I can instantly feel the softness and suppleness on my skin after one application.

In Yang Lotion 
In Yang Lotion is an herbal nutrition emulsion that stimulates the skin’s viability.  It improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture and adds radiance to the skin.Containing “Gonjinbidan” and “Wild ginseng Cordyceps sinensis”. Gongjinhyang helps create a more attractive skin tone. Through the principle of yin—yang harmony to keep skin balanced and the principle of increasing water and diminishing fire to enhance moisture within the skin while soothing it effectively, it gives skin a new radiance and smoothness.
Review: I find this product ideal for those who have a very dry skin, the texture is rich so you only need to apply a little bit each time. 

Qi & Jin Eye cream 
  • An oriental medicinal firming eye cream
  • Features a delicate texture for fast absorption
  • Contains "Gongjinbidan", a secret royal court formula presented exclusively to the ancient Korean emperor & empress
  • Loaded with wild ginseng cordyceps sinensis for revitalizing benefits
  • Firms the thinning skin around the eyes without irritation
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines
  • Unveils a softer, smoother, clearer & younger looking eye area

Review:  Again, this product is super rich and a little application truly does go a long way and this is one of the best eye cream I have ever tried.  I am very conscious of my eyebags especially that I am turning 40 in few years time! After more than 6 months of using this eye cream, I noticed an improvement on my wrinkles and dark circles.  

Tip: It’s always best to keep face products in cool, dark places because heat can change the formulas and make them less effective.  Putting your eye cream in the fridge has an extra benefit – the coolness will instantly  de-puff and soothe tired eyes.

Qi & Jin Cream - is an Nutritional cream that protects facial firmness from the facial outline damaged caused by the flow of time. A secret court ingredients  nourishes skin with energy from the deep inside.

This product is my another fave from this series. The texture is light and easily absorbed by the skin and even I put other creams or sunblock, it blends well.  

You can buy this product at TANGS eStore, 

Overall, I am very pleased with this History of Whoo Gongjinhyang series  and highly recommend to give it a try.
After more than 6 months of using this product, I had no allergies and it made my face soft, smooth and radiant.   But it is still best that you do a skin test before trying it out in case you have any allergies to the ingredients.

I hope my reviews are somehow helpful!