Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Life Goes by Fast

Wow, it's been so long since we updated our blogs! If it weren't for the stomach bug that has invaded our GUTS this week, I would not have had the chance to sit down and do something with my time while my washing machine spins to no end.  The constant vomit on clothes, sheets and towels...nasty stuff I would rather keep to ourselves, just gave me this little window of opportunity to share what we've been up to lately.
First and foremost, My darling Mads has entered First Grade! Here she is super excited to go back to school.  While most kids dreaded the end of Summer vacation, mine has not stopped asking when it's over.  She did enjoy summer camp, but she is thirsty for some real structured learning!

It's almost noon and she has not gotten up from our bed, her dad had her sleep with us for the  night, as her poor bed suffered the smelly disaster.  Poor baby!

The good news is, her sleeping in gave me time to clean up her room and put clean sheets on.  Her comforter was not fun to load to the machine while it was wet, I had to hose the scraps of food off the bedding in the tub before I threw them in for a spin.  Here's her room, which I think I have not shown in this blog before.

Four poster bed

Walk-in closet

Little girl vanity

We have decided to update her entire bedroom furniture, her previous room was all dark and did not go well with the theme we wanted for the over all look of the room.  This time we went with all white, using wooden vintage furniture that were custom painted and re-upholstered. 

Since our move, we have found so many things that we want to change in the house, big projects are sort of being put off for now until we save enough funds to tackle them.  The little things such as skylights shades, yard fence and playrooms are getting there.  So many things, so little time.  But...we figured we have enough time to get to it as we are probably going to stay here until the kids graduate from high school.  For now, I have to plan for my little boy's birthday, which is by the way creeping up on me.  I can't believe he is almost one!
This picture was six months ago...
And here he is now!
Time flies by so fast.  I do hope I get to enjoy every minute of it with them. Sigh. 


  1. Thanks for sharing come have a look at a good wife

  2. He4llo there! Beautiful post.
    I've finally figured out my password so a post from me might happen one of these days.
    Lovely room there Madison - very dainty. 4 poster bed and a walk in closet! Can we exchange rooms?
    Jackson's big now. Not a baby anymore.
    And get well soon Madison. You look so pretty in your school uniform.

  3. Thanks Nors! Kids here don't actually wear school uniforms when they go public school, I just decided I will dress her up preppy on Mondays..lol, so I bought tons of pleated skirts, denims and solids to match it around. Here, Americans like to brag about individuality...not that I agree. I think it opens up a lot of room to bullying...but that's a different story all together.

    Her room is very light lavender, not that you can see on the pics very well but the pinks we pick does pop out a little with all the white furniture, my mother in law paid for all the furniture, otherwise I would have kept her old ones. I only picked the curtains and beddings, we settled on stripes, dots and plaids. I wanted a very simple look so she can grow with it.

    I look forward to your post! I hope, we can keep this going.

  4. I thought so to. The skirt easily passes as a school skirt but not so sure about the top. But she looks so smart and tidy in it (and pretty of course!)
    Emilia's room is also white furnitures and pink furnishings (just as I've shown you with the picture). I have to agree with the furnitures. We invested bit by bit on something she can grow up with. Adult wardrobe, cabinets and even bed. That way, we don't have to spend (hopefully) again in the near future and just change the theme (which is easier and affordable) if necessary.
    I hope to get back in track also. Just give me time. Very busy this week with so many things to do. Plus I don't know where to start and I have to look for pictures as it is easier to post with pictures to do the talking.

  5. So many things to comment but so little time, but let me start with the

    1. room

    Light lavender, pink and white--some colour combinations that I would have never thought of, I am inspired!
    The colour palette of the bedding, bed accessories, and curtains pop out..So, the look of the room will look different every time you change your bedding, curtains, etc

    2. To the First Grade

    Hello Little Miss Madison, I agree with MummyNors you look so smart and pretty, I hope you have a wonderful day in school everyday.. kick some .... in school!

    3. Jackson

    Oh my! you are really growing so fast! I can see that there's a little space in the pram now..