Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hello 2013!

Hello everyone! And hello 2013!
Yes, hello 2013 because this is my very first post for this year.
Pardon for the long absence. I wouldn't explain on the circumstance but I would just make it up by posting everything as best as I could remember.
How about we begin by welcoming 2013?
It was a very happy New Year as 9to6mom came to visit and welcomed the New Year with us.
I will let the pictures do the talking!

9to6mom and I with our little ones

Our handsome visitor (Little Yves) at the foot of our Christmas tree

 Here being helped by my little girl in opening his Christmas present. (They were in France at Christmas time).

New Year's Eve dinner

And of course cheers to 2013!

They stayed for a few more days (together with another friend couple) so Dearest Husband had the chance to share his culinary expertise with them.

My little girl with the other friend (couple) who came to stay and visit together with 9to6mom and family

Of course shopping can never be missed on the agenda!
 Here, first thing's first on the first day of the year!
On our way to the Shopping Centre

And at Bicester Village.

It was a very wonderful short visit. I hope next time it will be a bit much longer so there would be more shops to explore and more places to visit.
Nevertheless, the fact that we were able to spend time together (with our loved ones on a special occasion such as the New Year's) is more than enough.
Thank you so much sis and I look forward to your next visit! (This December, maybe?)

P.S (Most photos grabbed from 9to6mom Facebook account)
9to6mom and I met each other again a month after herUK visit and that would be in my next post together with my little girl's birthday.

Good night everyone.


  1. Awww....such a great post, I wish I was there too! I would want to try Colin's food! Is that Paella? Salivating over it.

    I think Madison had that same baby swing. Wow, I didn't realize that it's been that long since you have posted, time does fly us by when we are busy.

  2. Yeah, that was really good Paella! now I'm hungry while commenting on this post!
    but that was a good welcome for 2013! Thank you MummyNors for letting us stay in your beautiful house.
    ..can't wait to go there again to eat some Paella and do some shopping..

    How I wish that the 3 of us can celebrate new year or christmas in one house..I think it will be a blast! (Santa hear us please..)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. ndeed, it would be a dream come true for us three (with our families) to be together. That would be the best post ever!
    (How about we plan for that? Philippines is calling for a get together!)

    Yes it is paella Madsaboutu. Colin would just be too happy to cook it for you. Come here and visit us.
    (Easier said done than I know with all our busy schedules with young children and living in different continents, but who knows?)

    9to6mom, I hope your planned visit for this year will push through. I can't wait for that.
    Hopefully, see you again soon.