Sunday, September 22, 2013

To The Far East We Went - Philippines

Prologue : This post took place back in January this year.

Right after 9to6mom's visit and just as the wintry weather was getting worst, we were more than glad to escape to the sunshine.
And what better tropical place to go to than to my beloved home country - The Philippine islands!

With the 12 hours flight and with nothing to do apart from watching what is available on the in- flight entertainment (and eating & sleeping), Little Girl and Mummy thought it best to experience the latest on technology -  Facebooking while aboard SQ317 London-Singapore flight  all thanks to internet access while on air (but at $10 per 10MB and at a turtle's pace it was relatively $10/minute which of course I didn't carry on)
What boredom can do on a long haul flight!

Nothing can really compare to being  back HOME
to the food we grow up with
Traditional Filipino breakfast - steamed rice, some veggies, tocino and danggit with vinegar dip.

Or how  about some suman and biko for breakfast instead? 

Philippine lechon commonly gracing a Filipino occasion and here for my Little Girl's 3rd birthday

to catching up with good friends we left behind

experiencing the year round sunshiny weather (that I took for granted most oftentime while still living there)

be with former work colleagues

and of course to be with family again!

with siblings, parents and cousins bonding over Ahfat's classic food

The Emilia's, re united!
Little Girl and Grandmother met again!

with my father here with my Little Girl's coconut tree which he planted on the day my Little Girl was born
Little Girl and her coconut tree on a photo op on their 3rd birthday.
This is their 3rd picture together as every homecoming we see to it that little girl gets to have her picture taken with her coconut tree. 

with my paternal  grandparents.
My grandfather who is 96 years old  (and with no offence to the rest of my family)  is the one I look forward to seeing most every homecoming! ( with his age obviously).

And the rest of some of the family members taking time to be with us on my Little Girl's 3rd birthday

And last but not the least to meet again these special children.
Dearest Husband and I (and the rest of our family and some friends) feel so privileged to have met these wonderful children and somehow share some of our blessings.
They are indigenous children of the mountains of Davao. They are either abandoned, orphaned, neglected  or displaced due to poverty and  rescued and given a chance in life by Pag Amoma Foundation

January 2013
December 2011

Nothing can really surpass the feeling of being home.
And although we wanted to stay a bit longer yet we also have commitments left behind in the UK.

This is the first part of this Far East trip. The second part (and my little girl's birthday) would be on the next post.

I am trying my hardest to find time in my very busy schedule nowadays to sit down in front of the computer and share what I am up to.
For the time being, my priorities are my major  DIY dining room make over, little girl's school run and my ICT course (yes I just went back to school!).

Good night everyone.

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  1. Lovely post! Made me miss the Philipphine islands so much more! The lechon blew me over, I don't think I have had one in years, maybe when I get back I'll ask my family to throw a party with lechon,hahah and that will just make Vincent have a heart attack. So good to see you guys in a very familiar surrounding, I don't know though if I can say the same about loving the warmth (heat) there, too hot!!! :)