Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Singapore and on Turning 3!

Let me join in the seemingly birthday tone going on recently in this blog with the obvious one after another birthday post lately.
And here's mine for my little girl. (And just what I said in my previous post ( Far East Trip - Philippines).

In my preceding  Far East Trip post where we not only got to experience the best of the sunshine and family, we also had the convenience and reason to celebrate little girl's birthday with her Filipino side of the family for the very first time.

As with  her past birthdays here in the UK where the celebration took place in our house, the Philippine one was also at my parents home and  was a simple, low key more of  a family-get-together-happy-to-be-with-each-other because of our home coming and little girl's birthday.

And just like any other children's birthday parties (and her previous), we also have a theme.
This time we elected Minnie Mouse.

Here's the birthday girl wearing a top and bottom Minnie Mouse blowing the candles of her personalized birthday cake
(With a Minnie Mouse sticker on Daddy's forehead!)

A closer look at little girl's Minnie Mouse cake

Here with Mummy and Daddy and the rest of her party food
Lechon of course as the star of the show
 spaghetti and hotdogs for the children
 dinuguan, pancit, fish kinilaw , caldereta for the adults
 the obligatory rice for everyone
 and I remember buko and macaroni salad for  desserts
 and  gallons of ice cream in assorted flavours!

We didn't have any buntings but my brother had commissioned for a personalized large happy birthday banner (which I couldn't find the picture at the moment) and personalized birthday balloons in different colours.
How time flies! 3 already!
And most of her birthday cards and presents received were in keeping with her Minnie Mouse theme.

This was actually an advanced celebration as on the day of her birthday we had left Philippines already, which brought us to our next Far East destination - Singapore!

And what better setting to celebrate a 3rd birthday than at Universal Studios!
Here with 9to6mom and her parents

Carousel ride was the special request of the day, and did I say non stop the whole afternoon?

The pictures just say it all- little girl obviously had a very good time.
After all, it is not everyday we turn 3 and it is not every birthday we get to celebrate it on a theme park (Universal Studios at that!) -  and on a carousel ride!

And it is of little wonder to anyone that at the end of day we had a very exhausted yet very happy birthday girl.
Don't grow too fast sweetheart

This was another opportunity to spend quality time together with 9to6mom (hopefully with madsaboutu in the picture in the near future).
we are all happy  but we just have different ways of showing it!

(Out of the context point but just want to brag about it anyway).
Shouldn't it be regular people having pictures with celebrities, and not the other way around?
Well,  not in our case with 9to6mom!
Philippines Streetboys asking us to have a picture with them! 

How time flies indeed. She just turned 3 and now she's in Pre School.
And what a very good Pre Schooler she is!
Coming home everyday with a sticker and a topped it so far with very special award today!
And what parent wouldn't be proud?

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this post of mine.

Good night.


  1. OMG, you are really killing me with all the Lechon posts...lol. I so want some...maybe I will drive to Filipino restaurant tomorrow....I don't think I have ever seen those around here though. I will get dinuguan at Red Ribbon tomorrow!
    Colin is so cute with his Minni Mouse forehead,hehehe. And I can tell Emilia loves learning in school! She is adorable. Kisses to her from all of us!

    9to6mom, wow you have legs to show off! wink*

  2. Double OMG! the lechon here is not as good as the lechon in Cebu..I think Cebu is the best!!!!!
    Emilia was very happy with Universal Studios, I can't remember how many times we ride the carousel lols.
    But it was really fun...

  3. Great job Emilia! You are really a smart girl

  4. 9to 6 mom I have to disagree. I have lived in Cebu for years and not all lechons are as good as it is believed to be.
    Lechons once it is roasted properly is tasty whether it is from Cebu or not.
    With this case, we had our own live pig then roasted for hours by somebody who is good at it right in my parents place.
    And of course, lechon would be more tasty with its dip - the vinegar with garlic. But to each his own really.