Sunday, October 6, 2013

Yves First Outdoor Photoshoot

Thanks to my Yves godmother--Andrea who arranged to do an outdoor photo shoot for Yves birthday.
The photo shoot was intended for Yves Birthday Invitation Cards.

Weng is young & talented lady who has a passion for photography.  She is not a professional photographer but I think she has an amazing eye for photos.  Her photos are natural and captures the character of the model.  And to Auntie Weng & Andrea, thank you for giving Yves the opportunity to be a model for 1 day.

Taken at the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden at Singapore Botanical Garden, I am so happy and proud to share you the pictures of Yves first outdoor photoshoot.

..I think it's really in the blood, Yves loves camera as well!


  1. Aw, what a very beautiful photo collection.
    Yves is so cute and happy.
    Perfect photo shoot model!

  2. He is a good looking boy indeed! Very photogenic!:P