Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our Summer 2013

The melancholic season has arrived. Autumn is officially here.
With the days getting shorter and the leaves changing its colours (although some are still as green  in the Summer) yet  it won't be long till all the leaves start to fall and it would definitely be Autumn.

We look back to a proper Summer for the first time in years here in the UK.
Proper, bright, warm, long Summer.
Not just for a day or two  but for weeks and months even.
With only occasional rains and immediately back to the sunshine and warmth lasting throughout the day and into the night for most of the Summer time.
What a pure bliss it was!
Which was welcomed with such happiness and enthusiasm by most Brits.
You couldn't blame us when came Springtime and we still had snow!
I could not remember Spring at all. I think we skipped it entirely  and went straight to Summer.

This was what Spring was like to us this year.
Photo grabbed from a friend from the Philippines who came over for a visit.
Snow in the Spring!
It's Spring and our house is covered in snow!

Followed by a still very wintry Easter when we went to Cornwall.
A visit at King Arthur's legendary birthplace.

And then a miracle happened!
Mr. Sun came and decided to stay long  to give UK the chance to experience Summer for a change.

And when there is gorgeous weather there is barbecue of course!
The al fresco dining thing became a Summer habit.

Flowers in constant bloom

Lazy afternoons in the sunshine

Endless swimming for my little girl
Swimming pool in the morning
Paddling pool in the afternoon
My water baby!

Even the Edinburgh trip was surprisingly warm and dry when it is always the opposite everytime we cross the border.
The Scottish Capital - Edinburgh
Rosslyn Chapel featured in the Da Vinci Code movie

And summer outfits of course!
Gone are the boots and coats and came the open toed  sandals and light, summery, colourful attires.
This was actually outfit planning for our Paris trip

And talking about Paris, here's a few photos from our recent Parisian trip just before Summer came to an end.

A beautiful Parisian afternoon by the river with Notre Dame Cathedral in the background 

The Paris love lock bridge
What can be more romantic then this symbol of undying love with sweethearts names inscribed on the padlock and the key thrown in the river?
The Paris love lock bridge in the most romantic city in the world

The obligatory Parisian crepe

The sights
a visit at the Louvre

And of course,  for our little girl no Paris trip will be complete without a Disneyland visit!

With her most favourite rides 
The Mad hatters Tea Party - how we queued on this a hundred times!
never ending carousel ride

And a meet and greet with her beloved Mickey Mouse!
How she patiently queued for an hour and even tried to contain her desperate need for the toilet so as not to miss her place in the queue.
Came her encounter with Mickey Mouse and she just couldn't stop showering him with loads of hugs and kisses and pringles as a hello present. Bless her!

Indeed Summer has come and gone  but surprisingly it didn't depart with its warmth -  not just yet.
But it did leave us behind with beautiful memories to cherish  all thanks to its glorious sunshine.

A very good night everyone.


  1. First things first, I can't imagine living in such a cold place. I think I will get depression as the snow starts rolling in, I guess that's what happens when you grow up from the islands!hehehe. We take the sun for granted here as we get it all the time, It is so great to see you guys enjoy every minute of it. Now tell me, how in the world do you get those flowers to bloom with what little sunshine you get? can you tell me what flowers should I get that needs very minimal attention, minimal sun( as we get the coastal fogs in the morning where I live) and does not need a lot of watering? I am loving those flowered pots you have in front of your house!

    I like your outfit posts, you really have started to dress up as a proper woman of the house. I think the accessories do the trick! great job. As for Emilia, she loves the same rides Madison does! I think they will probably get along if and whenever they meet!:P

  2. Thank you for the outfit comment. Actually, I don't dress up anymore as I used to for reasons such as I am a stay at home mother - so I suddenly become a top and jeans person intensified by the UK's cold weather plus I don't feel confident anymore because of the weight gain post little girl. But as a true to its heritage tropical girl, I get excited when it is Summer time here especially if the weather is really gorgeous as I am always a dress person. Simple dress that doesn't need time thinking of what to pair with. I am also intomaxi dresses, jumpsuits, skirts with top and lately the very comfy printed trousers/pants - all weather permitting.

    I truly understand your thoughts on the weather here. I used to have anxiety attacks a few months after I arrived here. Winter is just so boring and depressing. The day doesn't start till almost 9am and gets dark as early as 4pm with gloomy sky in between. And when you said 65F (or 19C) here is already pyjama time at your place, I was exactly the same. At 19C now I feel so hot already whereas 5 years ago I am wrapped up.

    Those flowers in my front pots are sennetis and petunias. They are summer flowers. They require sunshine and regular watering. They indeed bloomed perfectly this Summer because we had an exceptional gorgeous weather all throughout Summer time. But now, they have been replaced already with Autumn flowers. As soon as the weather changes, so as my flowers. Different flowers for the different seasons. I am no expert on gardening plus we have different weathers so I won't be much help to you really. The only advise I can give is for you to visit your garden centre as they are in the best position to tell you what flowers are right for your requirement.

    Yes I have to agree Emilia and Madison would be best playmates if given the chance. Who knows one day in the future we can visit Disneyland in Anaheim instead?

  3. I really wish that we have four seasons here..I think it will be fun, it's kinda boring living with only hot and very hot weather only...hardly get to wear coats and boots!
    the pictures are all lovely!...makes me think, what if we move to France..i think it will be fun!
    and I love your outfits too, so chic, love the combination of the colors and I love those statement necklaces!! Lately, I am into this statement rings and earrings as well (will try to share my finds soon..)

    last but not the least, I can say that Emilia's outfit are so nice.. a little fashionista in the making.

    ..i really hope that one day, my family can meet your family madsaboutu

  4. You both are welcome to come visit and stay at my house whenever you get a chance to visit Los Angeles! There's Sea World and Disneyland that is close by and I know the kids will enjoy it. :P

  5. And I spoke too soon! Cold Autumn has arrived! And very wet at that!
    Thursday morning when I walked little girl to school and I just couldn't stop cursing myself (on why insisting to walk) but can't turn around as we are running late. So have to bear the weather and my ears bore the brunt. It was painfully cold and gave me a terrible headache afterwards. Have to pick her up after by car and not by foot anymore .
    Friday up to today and it is raining cats and dogs. Our sky is so gloom it is just so depressing. It is like a widow in deep mourning full of sorrow and tears.
    So, I don't think you would prefer our weather here 9to6 mom. After the novelty of wearing coats and boots you would wish for summer clothes/shoes.
    Yes, I do hope we all can get together someday. That would be so fantastic.