Monday, May 28, 2012

About my Pregnancy

Just to share with you about my pregnancy (first 10 Questions from The Pregnancy Journal)

1. Was your pregnancy planned or surprise?

M: Planned pregnancy for me but surprise for my husband.

2.  When did you begin to think about having this baby?

M: Last year (August) when my Dr friend visited me in Singapore he told me that I was getting old so I better get pregnant ASAP.

3.  When did you suspect you were pregnant?

M:  After our Port Dickson Holidays (New Year)

4.  When your pregnancy was confirmed, how did you react?

M: Happy and scared!

5.  How long did it take you to become pregnant?  Did it seem quick or slow?

M:  Took me  3 months to work on this, well I feel its slow but others think it was really quick..thanks to What To Expect Fertility App

6.  What is the best thing about being pregnant?

M:  Everybody is giving you an extra TLC, you are not allowed to work a lot, they give you a Free Seat most of the time, and I feel confident & good without make-up.

7.  What challenges do you foresee with  this pregnancy?

M: My OB said that I am high risk for preeclampsia, I hope I will not have one when I reached my 3rd trimester.

8.  Who were the first to know you were pregnant and what were their reactions?

M: My husband, my Mom, Dad, Sisters and few very close friends.

9.  What was the first thing you bought specifically for this baby?

M: nothing at this moment but I already have a crib from Pali (gift from my ex-boss), few clothes from my sister who lives in Dubai.

10. What hopes and dreams do you have for your baby?

M:   I hope my little angel will be beautiful inside and out, without ever feeling that he is better than everybody else, will have faith in his self, will work hard to achieve his own goals and dreams and love his family...

The Pregnancy Journal: A Day-to-Day Guide to a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy by A. Christine Harris (available at


  1. I like the "planned pregnancy for me but surprise for hubby", haha poor Leo looks like you just drag him into this. Must be an initial shock for him but I bet as soon as the shock wore off he's too happy and more excited than you especially as you're having a boy.

    As soon as your little one arrives, get also a baby journal book. It will help you document all the significant "firsts" of your baby's life.

    1. because he knew that I am with my bestfriend "Diane" hahahaha
      Oh yes, I will get that baby journal book, I got some few stuff from Kikki k and I plan to really get a good camera soon..

  2. How in the world did you manage to surprise your hubby with your pregnancy? do tell!lol. Our pregnancy was a surprise as well, it happened right away although we did talk about getting off birth control this year so we can start trying. I got pregnant two weeks after I quit my pill which I was taking for almost three years, so yes, I know the word fast. Did I ever mention that Madison was conceived when I was still on the pill? talk about shocking surprises. Oh well, she came out as perfect as we wanted her to be.

    Yay to our little boys! The world needs more of them I heard :P

    1. My hubby is so busy that he forgot that I told him that I stopped using Diane, so for him it was totally a surprised.
      I got pregnant after 3 months of quitting my pills, and for your case, that was really fast and agree with you...Madison is perfect!

      I looking forward to meeting our little angels in just a few short months.
      and why the world needs more of them??? I don't want to send my boy to war?! kidding