Friday, May 25, 2012

Retail Therapy

I haven't shopped at the mall in a long time.  Ever since I found a better way of getting my shopping needs with a click of a button, I've been hooked.  I can't stay too long on dressing rooms to try clothes on as my DD gets bored and always decides it's time to hide from mom because I'm too busy fitting to look for her.  Since trying on was the only convenience of shopping for clothes and I don't get to enjoy it, I prefer buying items online even when it comes with the hassle of having to mail it back in case of returns.  The downside? I end up keeping items I don't particularly love.

So I did mention I went out shopping as a way to celebrate my happy news.  The problem with me is, I can't just go buy one item when I am at a department store.  I tend to look around for things that I might need in the future...and buy things I don't really need just because.  On Wednesday, I ended up buying a new pair of sunglasses.  I own about 7 already...but not in this brand.  So there's an excuse. Hahaha
Chloe aviators in black with gray gradient
Then another pair of Crocs mary janes that my DD surprisingly liked, it was in black thus my surprise when she would not take it off.  She already owns a purple Crocs in keely mary janes and I have already ordered the same style in pink in her next size online.  She tells me this one she will wear for school so she does not get her pink ones dirty.  Good point.
Crocs mary jane Genna in black
Then another cute bright summer dress.  My DD only likes to wear dresses these days.  I have to fight with her tooth and nail to get her to wear leggings underneath every skirt each time.

Freckle and Kitty dress
That night, I realized I forgot to buy a few things that I actually need.  I make a mental note of going to Marshall's the next day to purchase some pajamas for summer.  With my expanding belly, I no longer fit on my sweat pants so I have been walking around the house in a tank top and underwear.  I bought these ones that caught my eye. 
Carole Hochman sleepwear, they run about $80 and got them for $16.99
Aria sleepwear in dainty pink, from $48 to $18.99
I purchased these two because of the delicate details such as lacing and button enclosures on top.  I figured it will work well in my entire pregnancy and also with breastfeeding in mind.  It will be easier to pull out breast than having to pull up entire shirt while holding baby in one arm.  I have tons of nursing tops to go out but none for sleeping.  If I like these, I will come back to get some more.  They were a great bargain! 

Of course it would be so untypical of me if I don't venture towards a few isles down and see what else I can snag before heading out.  I saw this table cloth cover that would just be perfect with the place mats that I own.  
Ralph Lauren table cover, originally $54 down to $24.99
I ended up buying the longer length, I kept them anyway because my MIL (mother in law) is coming in a few months and she is good with the sewing machine.  I think I can use the extra fabric to cover my side tables.  I like this fabric.  It is does not have the feel and look of plastic but it is stain resistant, water repellant and wipe clean only.  That's what you get when you have 100% polyester. With kids, you want everything in your household that has those exact words.

Madison was not with me when I went shopping this time, maybe it would have been better for my budget if she was.  More time means more spending.  I saw these really cute note cards.  I could not resist them.  Especially when I found a box with Mad's initial on it.  I could always use them for Thank you cards later. 
Laura Ashley "M" note cards and Papyrus cards

Then next to it, I saw this really cute wall art deco stickers that I know my DD would just love.  I bought it with the intention of decorating her play room with it but of course, she has other ideas!

They are reusable stickers so they come off easy in case she changes her mind

She insists that the fairies will keep her company at night if it's right next to her bed

My Happy Darling daughter

I also bought a few bottles of assorted candy sprinkles for the candy pops I intend to keep making, and walked over to the nearest shop to buy throw pillow covers to complement my new table cover.  I think it would be a tad too much to post all that I purchased.  That sums it all.  There is a reason why I try to avoid shopping in a one stop shop department store.  I literally feel like I only have one day to shop and do not know when to stop :P

Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. I love Madison's smile, you cannot really doubt if she's happy. Those fairy stickers look perfect in her room.

    I always like the RL table cloth. In fact I have 2 in solid white and pale yellow. I used it before in our dining table. It was an old one that we didn't like but have no budget yet to replace. Since we got one last year I don't use it anymore. I'm still keeping them though in case I need them especially as I also bought matching table napkins. My kitchen table cover on the otherhand, was always an oil cloth material, except the one that I'm currently using.
    Your aviators are cute, it will look good on you. Mad's dress is pretty. The color and print is something I wear for a Maxi dress.
    Happy weekend too!

    1. Like you, I just lost my cellphone forever! Mine was stolen. so sad.

  2. wow I cant believe the price of the RL table cloth, what a good price! we are having a Great Singapore Sale but price is not that really great!
    How I wish we are all neighbors so we can all go Shopping!
    Mads, want to see how big is your bump now..
    Happy Weekend Everyone!

    1. Yes how I wish we can all get together. My bump is huge. I look like when I was 7 months preggers with Mads. I will post picture of my bump soon. I feel so

    2. RL table cloth are really good. In fact when you were here at the house we used it in my dining table. Their price is alright. I got mine also on sale. I think around £20, not sure now. But they were not that expensive that is why I was able to get 2.
      I don't think you can get any good bargains in Singapore. They seem to be expensive even those cheap clothes still come across expensive.

    3. Im excited to see your bump Mads, my bump is getting bigger and I can feel the baby kicking all the time...
      MummyNors! your right, good stuff here are still expensive, that's why I really enjoy shopping when I was in your place, see you next year!

  3. I want to kiss your DD she is so cute..