Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunny Saturday

Finally, we have  a break today from the dreadful weather!
Oh what a joy to have blue sky and sunshine instead of the gloom and wet we have had for the past weeks. It is 15C today of just pure sunshine.
No wind too. Just lovely.

Our day started  very early.
At 4 am I woke up to a very loud thud. Little Girl had  fallen out of bed! She cried of course but only for a few seconds then went back to sleep.
The worrier in me was the one who could not go back to sleep after.
So I scooped her up and put her in our bed. Waited for Dearest Husband to woke up and then the re arrangement began.

This was how her room used to look like. The bed was in the middle.

This is because I have to accommodate her Hello Kitty play house.
It is just so space consuming and no matter where you put it, it really affects the room's space however small or big it is.
This used to be in her playroom downstairs but it helped her feel at ease in moving to her bedroom hence it has to stay.

And this is now the new arrangement. I just really hope this will work this time now as one side is close to the wall.  A friend also advised to get a bed rail guard.

I have to put back the kitchen and piano toys in the playroom.
The play house stayed  and the the  natural brown changing table which I use as a book case now is placed at the foot of her bed.

This is not the only re arrangement we have done. We also did the same to the stair gates downstairs.
We have a total of 5 in this house.:  2 in the second floor (1 at 2nd floor landing  to stop her going to the 3rd  floor and the other 1 to stop her going to the ground floor).
The other 3 were all in the ground floor:   1 to prevent her going to the kitchen, 1 in the hallway to stop her going to the front door and 1 in her play room.
Her playroom is just next to the stairs.  Now, we removed both the one in the hallway and the one in the the playroom and just put one instead at the bottom of the stairs.
It is much better. She can just come and go to her playroom from the  living room and back without me worrying her climbing up the stairs.

 I have also noticed these past few days that the summer bulbs are already starting to come out while the spring flowers are already finished for this year.

Some of my back garden flowers already springing to life.

At about half past 3pm I told Dearest Husband I wanted to go out.
It seems such a waste to just stay at home and do nothing when the weather outside is just beautiful.

Here we are on our outfits of the day:
Wearing a long sleeve K&D  London top
  Fossil black cross body bag both from my shopping last week
Carvella black ankle boots
H&M Sqin jeans in dark denim blue
a very old Giordano belt.
Although I soon realized after I could have just  worn  instead some open toed heels or a maxi dress, or anything summery for that matter. The weather was just really lovely.

Taking a picture of Little Girl was such a challenge. Here are my few attempts.
Little Girl wearing a Mothercare sleeveless dress 
Pumpkin Patch white tights
Clarks  purple shoes

We went to Touchwood Shopping Center in Solihull.
We made the most out of the 2 hours still left on the mall's opening hours.
Little Girl was with me when we went to different shops.
She would always refuse to stay in her stroller and loves walking around and trying on all the shopping.
But most often, she also loves lying on the flower, playing hide and seek, going to the lift to press the buttons so I definitely could not concentrate on my shopping.
I have to give her back to her dad who is waiting for us at a coffee shop.

while patiently waiting for mummy to come back from her shopping.

I did not have much time left to check all the shops.
I just went straight to Zara, Gap and H&M.
There was nothing that appealed to me at Zara and the black maxi dress at Gap was not too convincing either.
In the end, I settled for these jeans at H&M. It is the same with the one I am wearing on the above picture only on different colours.

H&M jeans from their Sqin collection.  Low waist skinny jeans in black and white colour.  They are only £9.99 each.

I am not one of those who are very particular with only wearing a designer jeans or tops. I am more with the fit and comfort. And as I wear jeans most of the time, replacing/adding some more won't be financially challenging.  
Back in the Philippines I am a fan of the Bench jeans. There were several instances before  in my trips abroad (Paris and Las Vegas) wherein I was often asked about my jeans and where to get it from. I could not help but smile as a pair would only cost Php 700.00 (or about £10.00 at present conversion) . 
And this was back in 2006.

 Nowadays, I am into H&M and Dorothy Perkins jeans. I still go to Levi's occasionally.  
Shoes and bags are a different story of course. 

I sincerely wish the sunshine would still be with us tomorrow. 
I still have more loads of washing to do. And I want a beautiful day out with Little Girl somewhere she can really enjoy.
Good night everyone.


  1. Yes, definitely get a bed rail. I was just about to warn you when I saw her bed in the middle of the room. Mads bed is also on the side by the wall because she used to fall off her bed a lot. I never did buy the bed rail because she has a platform bed and a pull out mattress on one side to keep her cushioned in case she does fall.

    Your flowers are beautiful. How I wish I have the time to do the same. Maybe when I stay home again :)

  2. I will get a bed rail perhaps in the weekend. That is a must buy item.

    Thanks the flowers are really beautiful.I should have taken some pictures of the other spring flowers (tulips, daffodils, hyacinths). Mother-in-law planted them over Christmas break. It was her birthday present to me, a big bagful of assorted spring and summer bulbs. She asked me if she can plant it over the holidays while me and family where in the Philippines. I said, of course. I keep on re planting every year because most summer bulbs (although some can re grow) can die during harsh winter.

  3. I agree the flowers are really beautiful!
    Those skinny jeans look great on you, highlight your long legs.
    Bisous to you and beautiful Emilia!