Monday, May 21, 2012

Glorious Monday

We are having a very lovely weather outside.
The forecast is finally right. And I hope it does not end today.
Little Girl had a fantastic time splashing in her paddling pool while Mummy was also enjoying her afternoon glass of port wine. I've finished the remaining half of the bottle from last night.

Where am I Mum?

She always drinks the bath water

And still runs back inside the house to check her Cbeebies show

And mummy's afternoon delight - a glass of port!

The afternoon was still great despite me feeling so stupid.
I accidentally threw my cellphone in Little Girl's paddling pool filled with water.
I forgot that among the other things in the bucketful of her bath toys was my beloved phone and I just threw them straight away into the pool.
Too late. My phone is now dead, gone forever.

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. what a lovely weather!
    Emilia is so adorable..she is so "kyoot" and talking about the phone, well I guess you need to buy a new one? Iphone or Samsung?

    1. I am going to a buy a new phone. No I am not getting an Iphone, I could not afford. We are not also in to the getting a plan because we will be forced to stick with it for months. And I hate. Might be getting the Samsung Galaxy. Although Dearest Husband initially suggested if I want the ipad. I said no.

  2. I would gladly join you for some wine if I was close by and if I wasn't pregnant. What a great day to go out and play in the water. I am sure your little girl was enjoying herself. Having a glass of red wine once in a while isn't going to make you a drunk...maybe a wino

  3. We've been having sunny and warm weather since Monday. It is like 25C whole day and humid in the night. I say warm and sunny because sometimes we sun but it's still windy or it suddenly gets colder towards the later part of the afternoon. This time it's really the whole day. We are out everyday in our summer clothes. Yay!!

    Port wine is stronger than any regular wine because it is fortified so the alcohol content is higher. As it tastes so good, a glass is not enough for me. I can drink the whole bottle within 24 hours.