Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Gorgeous Week That Was

What a beautiful weather we've been enjoying this past week!
Since Monday, Britain has been basking in the beautiful sunshine.
 An average of 25C all  day long  (as sometimes it can be sunny yet windy or it suddenly gets cold towards the later part of the afternoon, but not this time though).
The evenings on the otherhand,  are  just very warm. Little Girl's bedroom  night temperature is around 27C so it really makes her so uncomfortable. I have to leave our windows open whole day and night.
It is such a pure delight to see people all dressed up in their summer clothes -  for a while I thought we were in the Philippines!
We've been out and about since Monday and Little Girl still manages to jump and splash  in her paddling pool after a long day out  while Mummy watches over her with a glass of port wine. Just fantastic!

Here are some of our outfits of the day:
(We  couldn't manage any photos on the weekdays as Mummy is lousy on the camera unfortunately.
 We  have to wait on weekends to exploit Dearest Husband, lol!)

I'm wearing a jumpsuit and gladiator sandals from Tesco's f&F clothing.
Rado Original Diastar watch  I've got for about 20 years now    
 Accessories from SM  Davao
Little Girl on her Strawberry on Faire kids summer dress and Lelli Kelly sandals

I'm wearing shorts and white top from H&M  
Michael Kors logo jet set travel tote  
Hush Puppies brown wedge
 Little Girl on a  Rocha.Little Rocha white shirt  
Zara pink shorts 
 Lelli Kelly sandals

I've promised myself  I am  going to take a break from shopping especially as we are going to Paris and I am getting myself  a new phone which is not in the plan/budget.
 Unfortunately, I happened to drop by Gap and managed to get Little Girl these:
Butterfly Pink Jelly Sandals and baseball hat from GAP
and this gorgeous grey dress from H&M at £5. 
Mother-in-law came round Friday morning and left 2 dozens of Dahlia seedlings.
I was especially thankful as:  1,  Dahlia's one of my favourites, 2;  saves me plenty of money from buying them  from the garden centres instead and 3;  saves me time from growing them.
It came from my father-in-law's cousin.
I had time to plant them this afternoon. I just could not believe that I was in the garden till about half past 8pm.
The weather was just truly fantastic.
Dahlias at borders
And at pots
In about a month or two, they will start flowering, just can't wait. They are lovely! I will update you on this.

I had a good look around my garden and realized  if only we have a regular normal weather,  imagine what the sunshine can do more given the progress it can  in just a week's time.
The petunias from last week's planting
I also noticed the Lillies buds are already coming out. In a week or 2 it will start flowering. Hmm,  they are so lovely.

Our weather forecast says sunshine will be with us until tomorrow and back to wet and gloom on Tuesday, oh no!!!!  I hope it will turn around before Jubilee celebrations next week.
We are going to the Rugby Club and the theme is 1950's. I have no idea how to arrive on a 1950's outfits but I still have a week to plan.
In the meantime, I find it urgent to help Little Girl do the  Father's Day cards for her dad, 2 grandads and great grandad. That is more urgent and important.
Anyway, I got to sleep now.
I just consumed a bottle of port wine while watching Desperate Housewives. It said we are only 2 episodes away from its finale. Think I will be crying!!

Good night everyone.


  1. Like Mother, like daughter..both gorgeous!
    I am happy that you have a great weather, hope that Mr. Sun can extend his stay for one more week.

  2. It is so sunny outside. We are suppose to go out as little girl wants this Iggle Piggle ride (she is crazy about this whole In the Garden Garden characters) but I cannot manage to get out of the house as I'm having a headache from last night's port wine. I really hope we'll have more sunny days, we'll see about tomorrow.

  3. I love that jumpsuit on you. You and Emilia look so lovely. You just reminded me, I need to stop shopping too if I want to be able to afford a fancy phone. I am glad you are also having wonderful weather.