Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday Shopping

Last Thursday, at the very last minute, I cancelled  a 5 hour shopping  at  Bicester Village.
I had again a terrible back pain episode and even the thought of shopping could not make it better.
I just had to stay at home.
I was not bitterly disappointed in anyway because Covent Garden London  was the one really on my mind. Dearest Husband was visiting one of their depots on the other side of London, that is why.

So came Friday and in much better condition (after a thorough back stretching)  I feel the need to make up for my lost shopping day.
So off Little Girl and Mummy went to spend Dearest Husband's earnings.

And we came home with these lot:

Cynthia Rowley Sleeveless Jumpsuit with a gathered waistline and slash open back. 
I saw this a fortnight ago and in  fact even mentioned it on my post regarding my shopping on that day.
I am very glad I came back for it because it is just fantastic.
Think I will  be getting another one with the solid blue on the upper part.

I also got this blue dress. I have no idea where to wear it yet but it is good to know I have something beautiful in my wardrobe  (that only costed me £5) in case an occasion calls for it
Yes, I  just got this for that small amount. This was originally retailed at £49.50  but since it is already out of season thus the price reduction.
It was in my size and in one of my favourite colours so I see no reason to  pass up this very good, rare opportunity.
Max C London blue long sleeve dress

And then I spotted this blue top at Dorothy Perkins.
It is my size and it was on the sale rack.
From a regular price of £20  reduced to £5, another very good steal!!

Which I wore today when we went out to do some errands.
Little Girl this time just wanted to join me in our photo op.
Dorothy Perkins blue top
H&M shorts and tights
black Carvela ankle boots.
Little Girl is wearing both top and jeans from Pumpkin Patch 

I was also  trying to get a new black wedge for summer.
I was torn between the 2 gorgeous wedges from Geox but they just did not feel right on my feet.
Little Girl as usual does not want to be left out so she must also try the said sandals.

Lastly, I got these 3 beautiful pairs of garden gloves.
Weather permitting, Dearest Husband and I must tackle the garden  tomorrow to get it ready for summer. And that will be another blog.

Have a very good weekend everyone.


  1. You and Emilia really rock! Emilia looks like a doll sitting in the kyooot!!!
    Envy those colorful garden gloves and that Max C London blue dress...
    What a good bargain of that Dorothy Perkins, from 20 to 5! Eversince Ive been to Singapore Im turning into a brand how i wish i can find that price even on GSS (Great Singapore Sale), which btw some of the stores have started.

  2. I told you before that Dorothy Perkins items, once they reduce their price, it is totally unbelievable. And it is usually at the £5 mark. But you have to be very lucky because it is not most of the items and if it does, the available size/s is very rare. So, I am just being fortunate to find something on sale at my size.

    You better start checking the Singapore sale. At least this time of your pregnancy you still have the energy to walk around. Good luck and let us know of any good finds.

  3. Love that blue dress. Good job on your Great bargain finds!