Monday, May 7, 2012

Bank Holiday Monday

What a very wet Bank Holiday Monday we just have had!!
Nothing new really, it seems it is always raining when it is a Bank Holiday.
Our very  recent London weekend  is still fresh in my mind where it was  also a very wash out  getaway.
We went home on a  very rainy Easter Monday as well.

The original plan for today was to go to Chester. It is about 2 hours drive from our place.
Unfortunately, we left home late as Little Girl was a bit poorly last night. She has a viral infection leaving her coughing and sick most of the night. We brought her to the Out Patient Department in the hospital yesterday afternoon.

Anyway, I told Dearest Husband leaving for Chester at 2pm is already pointless.
We opted for Bicester Village instead. I have  always loved  this shopping place.
Just think of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills,   Champs- Elysees in Paris  and Bond Street in London  only on a discounted price (minus some salons and other designer shops).

Here we are on our outfits of the day despite a  very rainy, gloomy day.

Dorothy Perkins maroon long sleeve top
Dorothy Perkins navy blue culottes shorts
Geox  brown knee high boots
LV speedy 35 in monogram canvas
scarf from the Jubillee Market, Covent Garden in London

Little Girl wearing a long sleeve dress by BlueZoo 
 Hush Puppies tall boots 
(with her favourite Makka Pakka toy)

And here are our Bicester finds:

First stop was Cath Kidston. If you have been following our blog, you would have definitely known that my yesterday's blog was all about my big love for Cath Kidston.
And here are the items we got.

set of 3 enamel storage jars in Country Rose
I was absolutely thrilled to have found this.
Just recently, I tried purchasing this online but they run out of stock.
Total disappointment was  an understatement of how I felt at that time.
I especially love this because it coordinates with the blue and floral theme going on in my kitchen.
 It is also enamel and has the vintage effect which I absolutely love.
Think of 1960's or any period films ,  Victorian museums or just check your grandparents' kitchen cupboards (mine still uses their white enamel plates and cups)  and you would know what I am talking about.

Tea Towel in English Rose.
This is the same print with my kitchen table cloth.  It  also coordinates with my oven double glove and forms a pleasing combination as well with the above newly purchased storage jars.

Blue Stencil Crush Mug.
And addition to my current Cath Kidston mugs.

We also got Little Girl a very pretty dress
Pink Ashby Oxford Shirtdress by Polo Ralph Lauren. 

And here she is happily clinging to her latest purchase while braving the  very nasty weather

We went next to Coast. I am always a huge fan of this clothing company simply because they are reliable for any occasions.
And their dresses are just gorgeous.
Here are a some of its dresses I've worn in the past.

A little black dress worn on Summer Ball 2009.
I was already 6 weeks pregnant here, only didn't know at that time yet.

A short white with black print dress worn on a friend's wedding on Summer 2009.
I was 16 weeks pregnant and still fitted to this  regular UK size 10 dress.

The store was fully packed.
I picked several items and was queueing for the fitting room when suddenly the power went out.
We were then all asked to leave and come back when the power returns.
I was just devastated as who knows when would that be and we could not afford to stay much longer .
The drive back home is still about an hour and the weather also was just dreadful.

Outside, the weather was still horrible. It was just pouring heavy rain and hail with it.
Not to mention thunder and lightning.
People were trapped just like us. We could not get into our car and no shops would also allow us inside due to the power interruption.

And this was the weather on the way back home

Good weather or not, our Bank Holiday Monday was still satisfactory.
I finally got the longed for storage jars and  Little Girl with her pretty dress.

Good night everyone.


  1. wow...when it rains, it pours! not so fun when you are shopping in an open area. Emilia is so adorable. And you look gorgeous in those dresses! I am glad you were able to buy some items despite the rude weather!:P

    1. I think people here have learned to live with the weather. It is really part of an everyday life as it so erratic. I think I have to go back on the weekend (rain or shine) as I really could not sleep over the gorgeous Coast dresses and blouses. I need one as well for the upcoming Summer Ball.

  2. How I wish I can wear that knee high boots here..
    You look so chic with that outfit!
    Well all I can say, you make a rainy day a fun day!

    1. Isn't it funny we want what we could not have? I mean I would go for your weather's clothing and footwear type anytime over ours. I am so fed up of wearing our boots and coats (vests and tights as well). Even during summer here, it is still not as sunny or warm as it should be. Above 15C here (and as long as the sun is out and no wind) then that's already warm here - and that is not even a regular occurence. It would just be so wonderful to go back to wearing open toed sandals, flip flops, sleeveless and shorts for a whole day as sometimes the weather can be pleasant in the midday then would just go so cold in the late afternoon.