Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Me Time Pampering

Little Girl slept so early tonight that I think I deserve some me time pampering.
I have been working on introducing an earlier sleeping pattern on her.
Since birth, she would always sleep so late,  4 am the latest when she was around 2 months.
She gradually changed but was still on the 11-12 midnight sleeping time.
People would often tell me not to worry because she will soon change in time.
I do not know when would that time come as lately she sleeps as late as 12 midnight.
I thought I have already brought forward her sleeping time to 9pm until she went back to 12 midnight this week.
This was no problem to me before as it suits me fine as a stay-at-home mum but there are times I just wanted us to get out of the house before 9am (toddler group days) and I hate waking her up when she is just sleeping so peacefully.
Also, she is going to school next year so there is really a need to let her use to sleeping early at night.

I had a heart-to-heart talk with mother-in-law this afternoon over this concern of mine.
Honestly, I have had tried everything to sort this problem.
Even my mother (who was here last year together with my father for  6 months visit) gave up.
I just feel terrible thinking I am a bad mother because I could not let my daughter sleep early.  
It is easy for other people to say do this, do that, but actually they are not the one putting all the lights out as early as 8pm after reading a dozen of story books and a lot of singing  only to still still experience a very active toddler running or jumping in bed.
I am still counting myself lucky though. My only problem with Little Girl is being her a late sleeper.
She was never a crier not even at times when she was hungry, teething or poorly.

But I did something drastic tonight.  I did not let her nap in the afternoon.
She was still her very usual active self.   Playing with her toys in her playroom, dancing to her favourite Cbeebies show and playing in the park.
Come half past 4pm she was so tired.  I know she wants to go to bed but if I give in she will wake up at around 7pm and you know the rest - she would sleep so late again.
So, I stood by my firm decision that she cannot go to sleep yet.
I waited until almost half past 5pm  before giving her early dinner.  When her daddy came home from work,  I asked him to bathe her.
Half past 6pm  and we were already in bed . We only managed to read 1 story book and she was already  off  to dreamland.
I was just so happy but was crossing my fingers  at the same time. We did this many times before but she would always wake up at around 8pm  and would not just go back to sleep till around 12 midnight again.
I must be so tired  of thinking that I joined her  eventually in dreamland and woke up at 9pm.

I was so used to being busy for Little Girl at this time of the night that I do not know what to do.
And then I suddenly remembered this Infrared Bubble Foot Spa that parents-in-law gave to me last March.  It is still in the box so I asked Dearest Husband to prepare it for me as I was on my lazy moment.

And here I am enjoying my foot pampering.
apology for my appearance, I just got out of bed

 I also tried the pedicure centre with its pumice stone.  I just push it with my foot and it felt heaven!
I am always exfoliating my feet  because we tend to get dry skin heels here especially after winter.

And my very happy feet after 20 minutes session.
A few more sessions and with a dose of some red nail polish  then this pair of feet will be summer ready

I felt so invigorated after.  My feet just felt so smooth and lovely.
I am always a big fan of body scrub and I tend to extend it to my feet then still exfoliates it after.
But this is way much better and easier.
I think I will have another go and try on the other attachments of the pedicure center

Little Girl woke up at around 10pm and I was like this is it again -she would now  go back to sleep at 4 am. But luckily she did not.   She went back to sleep within 30 minutes.

Afterwards  I still have time to myself and get to finish this book.
I have and will always be a huge  John Grisham fan.

And now, I still could not go back to sleep .  Blame it on the earlier 2 hours of sleep.
It is now 1am and I am blogging.
And my stomach just reminded me that I have not eaten anything yet. Time to attend  to it now.
Goodnight everyone.

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