Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

We decided to head off to Las Vegas for a long weekend getaway to celebrate Mother's day. I have been longing to finally have a relaxing vacation.  Since Vegas is only four hours away, we decided the drive won't be so bad.  My DD came home from school on Thursday with this card.  It was so cute.
Friday was not much fun. The drive ended up lasting us 5.5 hours due to constant rest room breaks. Can't help it. A pregnant lady needs to drink tons of water thus ones bladder had to be constantly emptied. We were still able to enjoy what was left with the sun when we got there. The hotel we booked for the weekend was just beautiful.  DD runs towards the pool right away and was itching to get her feet wet!
Pool was surprisingly empty, some maintenance had to be done last minute
Luckily, they told us the pool by the cabanas was open for another hour.  Thank God! Otherwise, we would never hear the end of this kid's frustration. We take some pictures on our way, Mads takes her poses seriously as you can well see.
She pretends to be doing some Flamenco dance moves
Pool was  3 1/2 feet which is exactly how tall she is so she still had to hang on to us
I really didn't want to show some belly but hubby tries to sneak a picture

I bought a few bikinis but I changed my mind when I got there. I really felt so conscious of my belly. I kept worrying people will think I was just fat because I'm not big enough to actually say I'm pregnant.  It took some time for me to ease up.  Hubby kept reminding me that my belly will just get bigger and that I just have to embrace it.  So I finally gave in.  The next day, I wore my new bikini.  Of course, I didn't want to be in any of the pictures. lol
We loved hanging out on this big lounge beds
The sand pool opened on Saturday and that's the first thing DD wanted to do after breakfast. So we give in.  After all, that's what we came here to do.  Enjoy the sun and soak in the fun.
Right away she meets a new friend
We also decided to go down to the strip to check out the flamingos at the Flamingo resort.  A nice lady offered to take our picture, its always hard to get a whole family photo.  I end up being the official photographer all the time and sometimes I'm never on any of them.
Madison likes to take our pictures and most of the time, she does a pretty good job at it.  Like this one.
We also ended up watching the Nathan Burton magic show which Mads love, love, loved! She could not stop talking about it.  That night, I told her my feet hurt from walking and she offered to give me a whole body massage.  I was floored! I told her I will give her a dollar as a reward so she can buy whatever she wants with it the next day.  I explained to her that people make money by working hard and since she did such a great job, she earned that dollar.  She got very motivated! she offered to do it for me every night.  I figured, why not? I can make her work for me :)

Here she is with her first dollar.

On Sunday, she tells me she decided she wants to get ice cream with her money.  When I told her yes, she did such a happy dance in the hotel hallway, that just made my day.

I hope everybody had a great Mother's day weekend.  I know I did!:)

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  1. Happy Mother's Day! Looks like you did have a fantastic Vegas break.

    I love that handmade card. It's a real treasure. I can not wait for my Little Girl to do the same for me one day, when even just her scribbles now would make me very happy.

    Mads has really grown beautifully. I love her eyes, her hair and her poses! And that big lounge beds too, can we take that home?

    You don't look fat at all. Fat people don't have a body like that. You are just having that pregnancy glow!