Monday, July 16, 2012

Race Course Winnings

Let me share with you my latest shopping spree, thanks to my race course winnings.
Every year, we get treated to an evening in the Worcester Race Course. This is courtesy of one of the suppliers where Dearest Husband works.
A select few, together with their spouses/partners  gets a VIP treatment in a hospitality suite with good food and drinks and some money for betting.
And as always, we all end up with a very good time.
It is such a delight to cheer for one's horse especially  if it wins at the end.
And I am proud to say, I always do very good with my bets. I always win in every course, usually the first prize.
Last year was the best although this year I also fared  very well.
And I'm sorry that I have no pictures to share as my excitement for the evening made me forgot to document the night's event. Although I wore a Cynthia Rowley black jumpsuit paired with long heel strappy sandals and a big clutch.
The weather may not be so good as the case these days anyway but it wasn't too cold plus the exciting atmosphere was all that mattered.

So what better place to spend my winnings than in the beautiful Scottish Capital, Edinburgh?!
I really love this city and would always address it as the best city I have ever been to.
With its stunning architecture - perfect combination of the old and new, striking views, civilized people, wide roads, arrays of shops, several attractions, bagpipes, kilts- it is no such wonder that given the opportunity, I would gladly settle down here.

As Dearest Husband was auditing their Scotland depot, Little Girl and I decided to travel with him.
The weather was also good to us so we were not all wrapped up  unlike in our past visits.
While Dearest Husband was busy working, Little Girl and Mummy ventured the city by foot with the help of my phone's navigation app and we ended up in Princes Street- the shopping capital of Edinburgh,  a long stretch of high street shops with the impressive view of the Edinburgh Castle and the Princes Street Gardens.

The Castle Terrace

Just a few of Edinburgh's impressive architecture

Edinburgh Castle sitting in a hilltop - with a 360 degree view of the Scottish Capital

Stunning view from the Princess Street Gardens

The Scottish Monument

Harrods of the North - Jenners. Already a shopping institution in Edinburgh since 1938

Jenner's grand Victorian interior

One of the very many things one can do in Edinburgh is witch hunting.
Witch shops such as this  are common.

Last year with my parents at Edinburgh Castle during a very stormy weather forcing the Castle to close early at 3pm.

Sale was the word of the day at Princes Street. Most shops were into massive sale.
Of course, I could not help to indulge myself with some shopping especially after a very good night at the race course the Wednesday before.
 Here are some of my good shopping finds:
A black Maxi dress from GAP I've been fancying for weeks. Originally priced at £49.99, I bought it at £7.99.
Incredible isn't it? Only 2 weeks ago I was almost on the verge of  buying this in its green colour  because it was half price. Good thing I waited. 

Bright Pink Jumpsuit from River Island bought at £5 from its original price of £50. 
A denim gilet by Red Herring of Debenhams at 50 % off

I must say the fantastic sale prices must be exclusive to Edinburgh since the same jumpsuit  above, although on sale now  is still  £10 from our local River Island shop. I could not also see any Zara sandals here at £5 where in Edinburgh there were just too many.
I also extra treated myself today to a new pair of sunglasses from Jil Sander. I opted with a brown accent on the frame  as my current Hugo Boss is  solid black.
Jil Sander sunglasses

So there we go, I already have had too much shopping.
I can't wait to escape to France now especially as our summer here is just so gloomy and wet!!

Have a very good night everyone.


  1. Congrats on your loot! wow, that place looks so beautiful and romantic! I want to go there! wahhh. I think that pink maxi dress would look great on you as you are tall and lean. Hey we have smashbox here, let me know if you need me to order them for you.

  2. Olá!
    Eu sou a Cléo e sou do Brazil.
    Amei seu blog e suas imagens. Que fotos lindas!!!! Amei!
    Não sei falar seu idioma, mas posso traduzir no google tradutor =)
    Amei seu blog. É muito legal!