Monday, July 30, 2012

When I get bored...I click buy button

The great thing about not having to go to work anymore is I get plenty of time to relax and chill with my belly.  My daughter is off to summer camp for a week so I pretty much have all the time to myself during the day.  I even allowed her to do her artwork on me and her "brother balloon" last night.  Here's how my big bump at 30 weeks with Madison's work.
I am harboring a huge baby in there, side profile only as I am not ready to show off my popped button
It really is bigger than what one can imagine, I just did a half profile on the first pic,lol
I am suppose to be studying for another specialty board exams before I pop this baby out.  I hear the UPS truck outside and I know right away he is coming to my door.  I hesitate to open the boxes for a moment, I cannot afford to be distracting myself away from my books.  Bah, I am getting a little sleepy as I skipped coffee this morning, I think I can take a short break. 

Of course, the bad thing about having all the time to myself at home with my pc is....I don't ever skip online shopping.  Here's my loot this week.  I went a little crazy buying summer dresses for DD.  From $58 to $14.95, I got a little carried away.

Too lazy to take it out of the bag for now, but they are sun dresses
I have decided we would go visit my DH's family in New Jersey this Christmas and as soon as I thought of it, I figured, why not get ready for the cold weather.  Really, I need another pair of boots...I only own about a dozen...I think.

"Air Michelle" boots from Cole Haan and moto jeans for DD
They are over the knee, suede, wedge boots lined with shearling. 
I would model this shoes for you later when I can actually manage to balance walking on my own two feet.  I can hardly walk in flats.  The boots are normally $295 and I got them at a deal of $89.  I tried them on and they are so warm on my legs all the way down to my toes...just had a little trouble getting out of it as I can't reach anything past my knees nowadays.

Yesterday my DD was practicing taking pictures of herself with the timer on the camera and have to post it. It's a little blurry but I can't help smile at how big and beautiful she's turning out to be.

with Troy

And one with my head a little cut off

My inbox says, I have two more shipments this week.  I am hoping one of them is the hospital maternity gown I ordered.  Who would have thought I would be excited to wear a hospital gown.  Why not, I missed out on wearing a nice one with my first child and I have pictures to prove how ratty I looked after being in labor with her for 21 hours. 

Ok, I have to get back to my books.  Studying about fetuses without brains are not so great but I have to do whatever it takes to add a few more initials after my name.  I hope everyone is having a great summer!;P


  1. Wow what a big bump you have there, bigger than mine! and yes your DD is getting bigger and more beautiful.

  2. Thank you. yup, my bump is getting bigger everyday! I can only hope my butt isn't! lol.

  3. Aw, Madison is really getting bigger and getting more beautiful. And the bump too, looks like baby boy Gambin will be big, not long to go now.
    The boots beautiful, is there a possibility you can share the link with me so that I can check if they can do overseas shipment?
    Good luck on your study, proud of you.

  4. Thanks Nors, what size are you? the sale does not last long, usually only 48 hours. I would get them for you next time I see it or exactly like it. I think it will definitely work for your weather. They feel like the Ugg boots inside except it has the Nike air technology for comfort on the soles.