Saturday, October 20, 2012

Meet my adorable Yves!

Sorry for not updating my blog, I have been busy with my sweet little angel.
After 39 weeks and 6 days of waiting and a long labor I finally meet him..

Meet my little angel, Yves Sarte Leonard
born last 19 September 2012 at Raffles Hospital Singapore
3640 gm, 49cm

I really can't stop looking at him and look how adorable this little dude is.
He is just the cutest little thing ever. Plus he looks like me.

Yesterday, Yves just turned one month old, according to Chinese customs, a baby's first month birthday calls for a celebration. So, we have a simple dinner with few friends to celebrate his one month birthday. 
Yves making a wish!
All I can say is that having him in our life is the most amazing, beyond words that’s ever happened to us..


  1. Awww...Yves is so cute. He has a very manly face. Love his big beautiful eyes!:P He will be a charmer when he grows up for sure, especially love the last picture.
    Thank you for sharing his pictures... I want some more! :)

    1. Thanks Mommy Mads! will post more pics of Yves soon.

  2. I just had a look on this and what an adorable little boy indeed! And 1 month already? Where did the time go?
    Looking forward to seeing you soon handsome and wonder what your wish was? Or is that a face that says, "mommy do check my nappy please!"

    1. yeah time flies and soon Yves will be two months old.
      we are also excited to see you and Emilia!
      and actually he is hungry he wants to eat again...