Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Baby Story: Jackson Reid

It's been a little over a week since my family welcomed our new bundle of joy into this world.  Amidst the sleepless nights, anxiety over waiting for my breast milk to come, struggling over diaper changing and worrying over how my 5 year old DD's sensitivities, I can still say that the excitement hasn't been weaned out of our system.

On September 26th we were scheduled for an induction at 5 am in the morning due to the previous ultrasound studies showing that my little guy ain't so little.  At 37 weeks he was showing to be almost 8 lbs in utero! As he was larger than gestational age and because of my history of bladder trauma with my first born child, the doctor thought it best to have a scheduled induction at 38 weeks. 

The day came and my little one was not having it, he decided to come out on his own three hours before my scheduled procedure.  We rushed to the emergency room at 2 am in the morning and found out I was already 6 cm dilated. 

Here's some pictures to document another one of the happiest moments of our life.
Here I am after the epidural was given to me, I don't think I would have been able to manage without it, let alone smile for the camera.

About an hour after I pushed this big guy out
At exactly 8:48 am,  Jackson Reid was born at 8.13 lbs and 21.5" tall.   Thank goodness he decided to come out early as even my OB was surprised with his size considering his early arrival.  There was an urgency to push him out after my bag of water showed a thick green tinge showing that meconium might have been swallowed by the baby.  I counted about 10 pushes and this precious child came out of me screaming vibrantly, much to everybody's relief.

I'm a wild child
Daddy and Big sister was so happy to meet him
My darling daughter wanted to wear this to school the next day to show off to everybody

My close friend DZ was in town from New York and came by to meet her new godson. 
Hello Ninang!
 She came with some treats which made me such a happy camper.
Mango cake from Red Ribbon 
I was probably really hungry or I'm just one of a few people who does not mind hospital food
Yay, we are going home!

 At home, our great friend Nelly came by the house to meet Jacks.

Auntie Nelly with Jacks
Within only a week, a roller coaster of events has happened.   Even with nine months of expecting this baby, I was not prepared for the difficulties of introducing a new child into our family.  Five years is indeed a long time as I struggled to find my way around a newborn.  I could not even buckle the baby right on his car seat.  I still wonder, how could I have forgotten the hardship of burping a baby after each feeding? the fear of leaving a swaddled infant in his crib all by himself? How am I suppose to bath him on my own? How does one change a diaper without being peed at?lol. 

I have so many questions and I count myself so lucky to be in this place where I know my worries will pass with each moment that I get to spend with this angel in our life.

And what mother's heart would not melt when you see this stunning vision of your children? 
Bonding with big sissy
 I am so blessed indeed.


  1. Big Congratulations to you, your hubby and Madison! Jackson is just so gorgeous. I don't know how you manage to pop him out given his huge size. Well done to you and yet you still manage to look gorgeous after delivery. I think you'll go back to your pre pregnancy shape very quickly as the weight gain you had was just in your belly. Kisses to your beautiful children, you are blessed indeed.

    1. Thank you! Everyday is a new adventure for us right now. I can't believe how time went by so fast. I still don't fit on most of my jeans but I don't really care. I still have about 10 lbs more to go, and I'm eating more than I did when I was pregnant so I am just hoping the breastfeeding will help out a lot.

  2. agree with mommy Nors that you still look gorgeous after giving birth! how I wish I look like that after I popped Yves. Jackson is so handsome and really big and can really see how happy the big sister.

    1. I am sure you did too! where you guys able to take a video or pictures during delivery? post your baby story too...would love to see more pictures of Yves. I need a whole new wardrobe to accommodate nursing in public easier.

    2. Yes Leo have a video of the whole thing, and until now I told him I will watch it when I am ready...talking about nursing, thank God for the innovation makes my life easier. I am so thankful to my nursing tops!