Friday, September 21, 2012

My Little Girl Growing Up

How is everybody? We are sending our big hellos from a very wet UK afternoon.
I also want to give my biggest congratulations to 9-6 mom for the birth of her gorgeous boy. Very proud of you sis!
And Madsaboutu, you are next. Very happy for you both.
(Although I can't help feeling envious. It could have also been me next in 4 weeks time if only miscarriage did not intervene last March).

Anyway, as my blog title says, my little girl is getting bigger and smarter. They just grow so quick, don't they?
A month before my little girl  turned 2, she can only utter a few words. There was not even a mum word yet.
I remember writing all her words in my cellphone to tell the health visitor of her progress on her 2nd birthday.
As soon as she turned 2, she was just unstoppable.
The words first became phrases then to proper sentences.
Gone are the book chewing but came the nights of book reading. When I say book, it means a dozen of books at bedtime.
Here is a video of my little girl at 27 months old.

She also amazed me knowing all her body parts although she had perfected it before her 2nd birthday. Here she is at 21 months old.

Next were the vegetables. At 27 months old she can already identify even the most difficult ones such as cauliflower, broccoli, aubergine, pumpkin and artichoke!

Next were the numbers. She not can only say/recite  from 1-14 but can identify/read  1-10. I am just gobsmacked!
As with the animals came the shapes,colour, fruits and all the pictures in her books.
She can also name not just herself but her parents, grandparents, home address, age, her favourite shows and food. (I have a video but just won't upload).
She is also showing an interest in singing. We caught her several times singing her favourite songs.
I am proud of her uttering perfectly the lyrics of 12345 Once I caught a  Fish Alive, Eency Weency Spider, Row, Row Your Boat,  Round the Garden and Baa Baa Black Sheep.
Her interest also extended towards dancing. She now attends a contemporary dance lessons every Saturday morning.
I am very proud of her (and myself!)  of her developments as she all just learned this at home. She never goes to a nursery group,  only playgroups 1-2/week during term time.

And, we are now into our 2nd week of potty training and progressing very well.
We are proud to say that we are a totally nappy free day for  10 days now.
Nappy time is only reserved  for bedtime and going out time - although my little girl still insists on the toilet use.

As soon as she turned 2, she quickly learned to inform us if there is something on her nappy.
We told her to try doing it on the potty but she always refuses so we waited.
Two months after, she would tell us before anything happens. Like warning us to get ready. But still refuses the potty when offered.

A month after,  as soon as her nappy was wet or soiled, she gets irritated when it is not changed quickly, so we know she is in fact very ready.
She can even hold off  a wee so we know it is definitely the time for toilet training.

But as everybody would often say - every child's development is different so I did not stress on rushing her with the toilet training.
And I've learned not to compare my child with other children based on mother's stories(sometimes exaggerated)  because it will only leave me feeling inadequate and useless as a mother.

Then at 31 months old, the time has finally arrived.
With the help of  Mothercare's training pants - Mickey Mouse and Upsy Daisy of course!, the Mickey Mouse potty has finally been put into use.
And she eases into it quickly. She only used training pants for a week then switches to proper knickers in just a weeks time of potty training.
She can control her bladder and runs to her potty on her own. Pull down her pants and pull it up after.
Bedtime,  even with a nappy on, she still wants to use the potty and calls for it   as soon as she wakes up in the morning so we are left with an almost very dry nappy.

We went to playgroup last Tuesday and she was on a Huggies pull ups.
Moments later, she tells me she wants to do a wee. I told her she can do it in her nappy as she's wearing one, but no, she wants to go the toilet. And that was the first time she sat on the  grown up toilet seat  and performed her deed. Again, amazed and  very proud of her. And so was during shopping yesterday.

We seem very successful in the wee department.
The pooing is a different story.
She still could not do it in the potty and runs to her room to get a nappy and goes mad telling me to put it on her.
But just like refusing the potty at first, I know it will take time and I know it won't be long till we can totally get rid of the nappy.

At least we've done the first half of the toilet training and we are not far from finishing it.
After all, we are still on our second week!

And at 31  months old weighing 32 lbs and measuring 89 cms (just  2 cms. short  from 3 feet) my little girl is indeed growing up. So grown up that I get more attached to her.
Just this morning, I lacked  the courage of sending her away with her grandparents to a weekend getaway in Somerset.
We are attending a sponsored charity ball  with a provided hotel accommodation in Birmingham tomorrow evening. Yet,  despite  knowing the fact  she would only be away from us  for 2 nights only  (as we are picking her up Sunday), and she is in a very good, trusted hands, I still could not warm up to the idea of being away from her.
I was so stressed I could hardly sleep last night. I am scared if something bad happens to her, I just could not forgive myself.
So, for 2 years in a row now, we've cancelled again on the charity ball. At least last year we were stuck in the Scottish highlands - which is about 11 hours drive away!
But  I am happy to have cancelled on it again. I may miss the ball fun but surely, I am more than happy and relaxed in the company of my little girl.
Thankfully, I did not buy any new dress or a pair of shoes, otherwise it would be a different story!

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. MummyNors, that is awesome that you have documented your little girl's growth. Isn't it just amazing how every thing they do brings so much joy to our lives?!

    Stress comes along with motherhood but it's all worth it. It just means that we want the best for our kids. You are doing a great job with Emilia!:)