Monday, September 17, 2012

Everything but the Baby

My last doctor's visit was little bit of a surprise to me.  My doctor told me I might deliver the baby any time now.   I was told that I was 2 cm dilated and my cervix is effaced. I panicked for a moment because I was only 37 weeks and I have been procrastinating these past few days, but I must admit that some excitement crept a little bit on me.  I came home telling DH to get that car seat out and installed in the car...although some part of me still thinks this baby is going to take its sweet time to come out to just test my patience for a while.
Here's my recent belly picture:
There is really no more room for him in there

This weekend, we finally got the nursery in place.  We have decided we were going for a All About Science theme.  I ordered the crib bedding set in Robots and used a Breathable baby bumper to cover the gaps on the rails.

I heart Robots
Do you see the mobile set? I made those myself.  I used Legos and glued them together so it doesn't get undone when the kid starts pulling at it later.  Of course, the mobile stand was from my DD's old ladybug mobile set that I kept.

The wall art was from my DH and yours truly.  My MIL had an old drawing that my DH made when he was 5 years old.  She had it framed and gave it to him his as a graduation present when he received his PhD.   It says "Thing: I want to be a Scientist" I thought it was cute.

 Then there's that other painting of mine when I was bored one day. I am hoping, USA will once again be the first person for this mission to Mars!
Who would think I can draw, let alone make out a painting?
I also started organizing the closet.  I have washed all the newborn- 3 months clothes so far. 
Then of course, the changing table and all those diapers that I will be using...
Add caption
Sorry...I can't get myself to using cloth diapers!
Madison also took the time to sort out some of her books from her bookshelf and gave up the baby books she had and arranged this for the baby herself.

And off we go! We are all set...everything is here, but the Baby! I swear, if he does not come out in two weeks...I will serve him an eviction notice!
Quinny Buzz with Maxi Cosi car seat
That's it for now...hopefully, I have the baby on my next post!:P  Have a great week everyone!


  1. Oh my, this little scientist is really going to be a big one.
    Me too, I am so ready to give birth anytime soon but it looks like my baby is very comfortable inside still, I am 39 weeks and 6 days..I really can't will be funny if we will have the same due date.

    1. Looks like you are going before me! excited for you. Post pics as soon as you can. Praying for the safe delivery of your little bundle!:)

  2. No news yet? I really thought your baby's out by this time now when you said you were already 2cm dilated. But looks like he's so comfortable inside and would rather wait for a few more days.
    Very excited for you and the that cot looks so comfy.
    Best of luck on the delivery!

    1. Unfortunately...I am still very pregnant. I hope I won't be like those women who are dilated for weeks without any progression. I can't even bring myself to walk around to help speed it up because of my back and leg pains. Oh well, I am ok waiting a couple more weeks. Still waiting for mother in law to get here. Maybe baby is doing the same thing!:)