Friday, September 7, 2012

My Surprise Baby Shower & Parents Exhibition 2012

....It was a surprise that was built with many lies, but I am glad to have this Surprise Baby Shower!
A week before, my good friend Andrea invited us (hubby and myself) for dinner last Saturday in Royal Scotts Hotel, I happily said yes because I don't want to cook and who wants to say NO to good and free dinner right? 

It was a perfect the morning we decided to go to this Parents Exhibition 2012 at Singapore Expo.  This event is similar to the Motherhood Exhibition which I attended last May or June.  It was a 3 days sale also starting from 31 August to 2 September from parenting products to maternity goods.  They even have booths for insurance, stem cord banking, investments, and even post natal massage packages.

Parents World Exhibition 2012 @ Singapore Expo

I can say that the Motherhood Exhibition is better than Parents World Exhibition, previous event have better brands and more product choices... I only bought two items: BabyBjorn Carrier and a mattress.

Baby Carrier Miracle Airy Mesh at S$280.00 (u.p. S$329)

After shopping, we went straight home so we can prepare for dinner.  I was really looking forward to this dinner because I was really disappointed with our  lunch.  The food and service was awful at Macau Express, it is better to eat in Kopitiam!

Anwyay...on the way to dinner, Andrea called us and she said that she need my hubbys help to fix their faucet, so we need to park inside their place.. Bitchy me, I was complaining and Hello! can we just fix it after the dinner because I am hungry again!

.....and suddenly "Surprise!"

it must be the hormones...such a cry baby!

Here are some of the pictures..

The food cooked by Chef Ernie and my diaper cake made by Toon Yaa
Mayet said she baked the cupcakes, but I don't believe it lol..

Who is the best sucker game?...and the winner is....

How the baby would look like..this is a very hard decision
Opening of presents, got this travel cot from Lio & Asia

Meet my BFF, Mayet and Andrea
the masterminds

I want to thank all my friends for being part of this "Surprise Baby Shower", Mommy Minnie, Daddy Leo and Baby Boy really appreciate your time and thougthfullness! Big thanks for the wonderful gifts-way too much! I can't wait to use it all....


  1. Fantastic surprise baby shower! Doesn't it feel just so good to know friends care about you? You must be so excited with all the presents! Did you do the 7 gifts opening tradition?
    Not very long now sis and baby Leonard will be here. Let us know as soon as you will be in labour and we will cheer for you!
    Just relax and don't panic. Remember every contraction/s that passes by is a minute towards meeting your baby. Best of luck.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I accidentally deleted my comment, we do not have the 7 gifts opening tradition..that's about it!
      Yeah I am counting the days, I am so excited to see our Baby Leonard....
      my hospital bag is ready...yey

  2. P.S I like your green dress by the way, very pretty. Suits you.

    1. oh thank you, this is really not a maternity dress just a big dress that I hardly use because of the fabric.
      my entire pregnancy, I did not bought a lot of maternity clothes except for the underwear and sleepwear.

  3. sweet for your friends to do that for you! That is just awesome, how I wish Nors and I and close by so we could have been there too. That is funny about the "what your baby will look like pic", love the idea of it. You look so beautiful pregnant and all.

  4. Yes, I am lucky to have a great friends and it will be nicer if you and Nors will be here too...