Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm still here!

It's been a while since I last posted but I'm still around.  Just trying to get little things done before my baby's arrival.  My DD started kindergarten and that got me a little busy for quite some time.  Although having my daughter in school did give me plenty of time to sit around the house shopping online and driving out for stuff that I can't seem to find online.  I bought this lunch box for DD to match the backpack she already owns.
Crocodile Creek butterfly lunch box and back pack
Then there's the situation with my dog...which will with no doubt run me out of my money.  He was just diagnosed with Bladder stones and now he is scheduled for a surgery.  Who would have thought Canine cystotomy would cost about $1700?!Holy cow. 

He looks so sad...Don't worry Troy, you will get anesthesia!
So just to update, I am finally posting my hospital gown to have baby#2 in.  I was tempted to order something blue but decided against anything pastel or light'll never know when it's time to get it all messy. 
Zoe Gownie by Baby Be Mine
Recently, I have had trouble sleeping at night and started getting cramps because I keep sleeping in the wrong position.  I already pile up 3 pillows underneath me but it wasn't working, I decided to get a body pillow.  I was thinking of getting those maternity pillows but with 5 weeks to go, why bother? At least this one, I can still use post pregnancy.

Tommy Hilfiger Body Pillow Lounger
While I was at it, I decided to get some new bedding sets as well.  I love anything that has embroidery so I can't help it.
California King size bedding sets, one in cream and and another in dark purple
I have plenty of explaining to do to my hubby when he sees my credit card bill this month.  I started buying more baby clothes, room decor and storage organizers, custom crib bedding but they are not shipped yet so I am starting to panic.  I still have five more weeks to go but I am stressing out that my little boy's nursery is not ready!  I did find some cute eco-friendly toys while I was out shopping today.  I know my baby won't need this until another year or so...but...I am very impulsive. I just thought they were really cute.  And of course, it helps that they are made of recycled materials.

Eco friendly dump truck and front loader by Sprig made of recycled sprigwood
And a dinosaur bank! It's never too early for my kid to start saving some money!:)
Dino bank by Sprig
I had to drive to the Filipino bakery because I just suddenly had a craving for this.
 Oh yum!  Anyway, I gotta go pick up my DD from school.  Until next time! :P


  1. great to see you again Mads!
    That's really a holy cow for your dog--So get well soon Troy.

    1. He's surgery is on September 6. I do hope he recuperates well!:)

  2. Whoa, looks like you've been busy spending money! I love the matching lunch box and back pack - very girlie and cute. And poor Troy, hope he'll get better soon.
    Not long to go now, and excited for you. I want some of that kutsinta too!

  3. Madison was so excited with that lunch box, then she tells me to fill it up with lots of snacks so she can share with every one in her class...just great.

    The kutsinta was just blah...nothing like the ones that roams around being carried by the man screaming " ta-hoooo...kut-sin-tahhh!"lmao