Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy 47th Birthday Singapore!

Last Thursday, Singapore celebrates its 47th Birthday at the Floating Bay in Marina Bay.
For the past 5 years, Singapore, my second home has surprised me with many unexpected things that fulfilled some of my craziest dreams--I fell in love and now I'm having my own family here.
I can't deny that my journey here let me grow stronger and more mature in life.
I pray that Singapore will contiunue to prosper and you will always be more than just a red dot in the world's map..

The Singapore Flag

Aside that it was a holiday, I am so excited to attend my ex-colleague's wedding, I will have a chance to see and chit chat with my ex-colleagues and lovable boss.

The wedding was held in Twenty Six in East Coast, it was a lovely wedding, the venue was perfectly equipped for romantic sunset weddings...beach-front locale and lush greenery.

Since I am 34 weeks and counting and with my rashes in my arms and legs, I was having a hard time what to wear either my Alexander McQueen purple dress, green maxi dress or my blue off shoulder dress.  Finally, I decided to go for my blue off shoulder dress so at least I can cover up my rashes.
Here's my look...

I am having a bad hair day! I want to achieve the side wavy hair look but my hair isn't participating.
Starting to swell here... puffy cheeks, hands and legs ohhhh I can't wait to pop and see my little angel!

With the beautiful bride, Joey and my ex-colleagues and boss--Oh I miss working with them!
Though I am the only Filipina in the team, (I am also the one and only Filipina guests here!)  I never felt that I am an outsider..

A great night with good friends! Ohhh can't wait to see all our wacky pictures..
So before the baby arrives, I am making the most of my date nights, shopping, and going out with friends because for sure my life will totally change soon...

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Perfect choice of dress (although I have not seen the other two) but this one suits your blooming shape so well. The colour too. Don't worry about your hair as I said you look gorgeous. One hot sexy momma to be. Yes, do date, shop and sleep as much as you can because once the baby arrives, these things are already such a luxury.

    1. Thank you MummyNors!
      My hair was wavy and at the end of the night, it was straight.. argggghhhh!
      Definitely MummyNors will date, shop and sleep as much as I can..

  2. You look great regardless. I don't really see the puffiness, but hey, we aren't running for beauty queen titles when we are that preggo. lol

    Sleep is something I am lacking nowadays as I can't seem to get to bed early enough. I do know that I will regret it later if I don't get much of it now, so if you can master the art of napping, then do so now. There is always online shopping when it proves to be too hard to go out with a baby. For me, the dining out with hubby was what I missed more than anything. I notice these babies seem to know when you are having a good time,lol.

    I am so glad to see you blogging again. I know you are almost done with work, I hope you keep us updated! Have you started with the nursery yet? I haven't. Haha

    1. Thank you Mads, I am surprised that some are still commenting that I still look great maybe because I am so happy and excited to see my little angel so the "aura" is different.
      I will blog more as soon as I'm on leave and don't worry my nursery is still "on going construction" hahahahaha