Saturday, August 11, 2012

French Holiday Part II: Disneyland

Bonsoir, hope everyone's having a lovely Saturday.
We just did. A barbeque (the first actually and hopefully not the last for this year, weather permitting) at my parents-in-law's house together with the rest of the family. Just lovely food and good company.
Anyway, as promised here is the 2nd part of our French adventure.

Obviously as the above title says, Disneyland was part of our agenda.
Just bear with us as we were all first timers. And first timers that we were, there were things that we were not able to plan/do properly.
Tickets for example. We bought a 1 day ticket for 2 parks.
Little did we know that 1 day is not even enough for 1 park and add to that we also started our day quite late and we haven't had a clue where or what to do first.
We ended up only going to the 1st park and little girl missed half of the Disney Parade as she was asleep.
We've decided to return the next day to experience both parks although it costed us more.
Tickets would be cheaper if purchased for 2 days for 2 parks.
But then we cannot do anything about that anymore but instead we can  make the most of what we can.
And sure we did!  Little girl enjoyed all the rides.
We saw not just the Disney Parade but also the Disney Stars N' Cars, front row.  
And  most of all we got to see their 20th anniversary celebration.
We were just so glad we decided to come back again.

Day 1, Disneyland Park

Mummy just wanted a souvenir picture but Little Girl wasn't not up for it.

The excitement is just so obvious in my Little Girl's face!

Mummy and Little Girl having a go on her most favourite ride.
Since the queue was so long, we decided to make the most of it by having more than 1 go when our turn came

Day 2, Walt Disney Studio

Another day and my little girl was having another go on her most favourite ride - the carousel!

Little Girl in one of the several rides she had

10.30pm and the Disney Dream hasn't started yet.
Little Girl was getting so impatient and tired.
Mummy was feeling cold for the obvious absence of a jacket especially as the weather turned chilly because of the sudden rain in the afternoon.

But when Fantaillusion started, Little Girl's mood changed abruptly. I could not blame her.
The floats in all its splendid lights were just truly magical especially in the eyes of a child.

The spectacular Disney Dreams show as part of Disneyland Paris' 20th anniversary.
Truly, worth the wait.

Until we see you again Disneyland.

Little Girl is already talking about missing Mickey Mouse and at 1 point gave her money to Mummy to buy tickets. Bless her. But we need thousands of her 1p to be able to go back to this magical place.

I have to call it a night now especially as I had a couple of drinks earlier.
I wish everyone a very good Sunday.
 Bonne Nuit.


  1. If you mentioned to me you were going to Disneyworld I would have advised you to buy at least a 3 day park hopper ticket. It is very hard to get around theme parks with a toddler all in one day. When we went to Disneyworld in Orlando we had to buy the 5 day pass for a week's trip. I just knew that we will miss out a lot if it was cut short and we were not about to fly anytime soon to do it over until a few more years. Also, Mads was about your LG's age when we went and we had to go back to our hotel for a few hours everyday to let her sleep comfortably, even with the 5 day pass, we were not able to see everything. It was exhausting! that is why I avoid large crowds...but it pays off when you see how happy your little one is.

    I am glad you guys had fun, take her back again when she is about 5 or 6 and it will be much easier as they can walk around with you. I like that white outfit yo have on. It looks great with your complexion.

  2. Hi Bing, everything you said is just absolutely right. We could have also avoided the long queues by getting a fast pass. Well, there is always a next time. But as you said, when she is bit bigger because at least by that time she would be more cooperative hopefully. Thanks for noticing my dress, I love it too. I wanted to wear a maxi dress again but my legs just feel so hot with the weather so opted for a short one. Too bad, I forgot to bring my jacket with me. Not that I left it in the UK, it was just in the car and you know how Disneyland is like. I just hate spending half an hour walking back and forth to the car park although that was really not a good decision in the end as it rained in the afternoon and we stayed until midnight for the Disney Dreams.