Thursday, February 20, 2014

Heguru Education Centre

I've been wanting to put Yves to a proper school or childcare but unfortunately Lycée français de Singapour can only take him when he turns 3 years old and the childcare centres within our area is always my husband and I decided to register Yves to this Heguru Right Brain Programme at Heguru Education Centre.

What is Heguru?

You have probably heard about the left or right brain dominance. Well, they said that a 'left brained' person is thought to be more logical and analytical while a 'right brained' person is considered to be more creative, expressive and intuitive.Backed by Scientific Research, Heguru Education is based on the Split-Brain Theory developed by renowned neurobiologist, Roger W. Sperry, who was awarded Nobel Prize in 1981.

What is Right Brain Education?

It is an accelerated learning system for children using fun games, puzzles, songs, flash cards executed at high speed to stimulate your child's right brain.

Right Brain Education is aimed towards very young children in order to strengthen the functions that are related to the right side of their brain including:
  • Photographic Memory 
  • Concept Comprehension 
  • Mental Concentration 
  • Rhythm Processing 
  • Spatial Recognition 
  • Visual Imagination
Why is it important to start early?

Right brain development rate is the greatest during this window period and learning possibilities are limitless. Early exposure to quality learning during this period will help to build up a rich library of information in your child's subconscious mind which can be harnessed as they grow up. If the right brain of your child is left untrained, the rapid rate of learning decreases and your child's special right brain abilities will gradually become dormant beyond the age 6.

But of all school, why Heguru?

I choose Heguru because one, it is near our home, second the teachers are rigorously trained and certified by Mrs Ruiko Henmi and Mr Hirotada Henmi, the founders of Heguru Japan. Third, there are 2 instructors in each class to create a high energy teaching atmosphere to maximise the short concentration span of young children.

As for the school fees, I paid a total of $660 ($100 for the registration & $560 for 2 months or 1 term)The class is every Sunday for 1 hour and NO MAKE-UP CLASSES!

I know some of the parents will comment that it's too early so it will be a waste of time, or I'm stressing Yves at an early age but for us, we felt that it will be good so Yves can have an interaction with other kids, to prepare him before going to a real school, and most important Yves and I will have a more bonding.. (Yes, because I need to be present during the classes).
Anyway...regardless of what other parents will say... I just hope that Yves will have fun and enjoy the classes!

See you soon fellow mommies!

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