Saturday, December 15, 2012

13th of December

This day is always very dear and special to me.
I was born on this day 35 years ago.
And 31 years after, it became extra special as I made a lifetime commitment with Dearest Husband.
Now at 35 years of age and 4 years married, life has never been so good.

 A lifetime vow in front of God

With friends and family to witness and share with our special day

And a picture perfect of a blushing bride getting married on her birthday!

Although I am not sure about my parents when they gave me away!

 Four years on and married life is just so beautiful especially with our beloved little girl.

On our first year anniversary, I was 7 months pregnant with little girl as we celebrated it with friends and family here in the UK.
On the second and third year, we were in sunny Philippines and celebrated it there with friends and family as well.

This year, it was more simple, relaxed and  intimate with just me and Dearest Husband together with our closest friends -Dearest Husband's best man and his wife (and  Little Girl's godparents as well).
We went to my favourite Famous Virgins and Castles Pub because of their heavenly Filipino food and of course some Filipino beer to accompany it.
It was a lovely evening and we all had a great time.
Thank you Red Horse beer for gracing our birthday/anniversary celebration.

And the following evening, I went out with my friends for our Girlie Christmas meal and drinks.
Talking about nursing a hangover 2 nights in a row.

And of course no birthday/wedding anniversary would be complete without a  perfect present from Dearest Husband.
In the past years it has always been  the perfect tote. (And this year is no exemption either).
Louis Vuitton bags in the first 2 years and a Michael Kors matching handbag and purse last year.
But this year, I would say it is the ultimate bag. I was even shocked myself.
It was more than I could have wished for! (and it arrived  11 days early).

Lanvin Kentucky Leather tote. Now you know why!

On the day of my birthday, Dearest Husband extra treated me to a shopping day.
This, he said will be my Christmas presents and should not be used until after Christmas.
Well, that remains to be seen as I already used the first item when I went out last night.

Christmas present #1 - Michael Kors Hamilton Stud Quilt shoulder flap.

And Christmas present #2  - Ugg Lynnea boots

Although I originally eyed the tall boots ( unfortunately no available size for me) but this one is just perfect as well especially in this freezing weather. It is also very versatile as can be worn up or down.

There we go, another great and blessed year to be thankful for despite the challenges we had to endure this year.

Have a lovely and warm weekend everyone.

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  1. Great to see you had a wonderful birthday! Love the presents. You had your wedding day and birthday to celebrate at the same time, that's awesome! No reason for anybody to forget dates. Although poor Colin had to think of so many presents to purchase all in the same month...bday, anniv and Christmas!hahaha.

    You looked gorgeous on your wedding, although too bad I was not there to witness it in person! wahh...