Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hello Hello

It has been a while since anyone has posted on this blog, I'm not surprised really, having a baby and starting a new job kicked it off for me for this year.  Now, I barely have time to even take snapshots of my munchkins.  Here's an update. We started the year by coming back from a wonderful trip from New Jersey.  It was great to see family once again.  Especially enjoyed seeing the kids seeing their cousins, especially introducing Jackson to the family.
Madison is the only girl among the cousins
We went to see Santa for Christmas day.
Jackson was not so happy to meet Santa for the first time
Jackson turning 3 months old the day after Chrismas
With his ever deer in headlights expressions staring right back at ya
 And meeting great nonna Maria
She's 97 and he is almost half her size

Being out in the chilly weather is not as fun for me as it was for Madison, I am starting to feel so short next to her
She even went out to go play with some left over snow on the sidewalk
We don't get this in California!
And here they are back in LA, when Jackson turned 4 months.
with the same look from
I am still busy but I promise to drop by and update once in a while! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi Jackson, you are soo adorable I want to bite those cheeks..I hope you can meet Yves soon