Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I love to...

I love to shop for my own presents.  I figured it will make life easier for my very busy husband, and I don't ever have to get disappointed on "his" gift choices.  This year, I had much to celebrate about, but did not get the chance to reward myself.  I was not able to attend my graduation, as my baby decided to pop out 3 days prior to the ceremony.   I did get my "push" present, which I am very satisfied with.  I love, love our new family car. is one big, gas guzzler! urgh.  so bad for the planet.  

So I am not one to forget to remind my hubby that I missed out on a graduation present.  He asks me for what I want, and I tell him that I got it already.  He knows that line too well. It means, I am letting him know that I purchased his present for me.  As is usually the case with every single one of my presents. I buy, he pays. 

This time, I didn't go too crazy with my purchase as I know Christmas is coming up and the bills tend to add up.  Not to mention that I also already ordered  my Christmas present.  If there is anything that my DH knows and trusts me with is the fact I am one gal who always spend my money wisely.  Like buying when there is a good deal.  I won't probably get to wear this recent purchase until spring or summer but I don't mind keeping them in my closet.  I love Tory Burch.

Congrats to me!
Tory Burch Caroline flats in navy
 tory burch flip flops
I only got 20% off but this brand rarely go on sale so I have to get them.  I love seeing a package waiting for me on my front door.  Who doesn' t? :P


  1. Congratulations on your latest purchase, simply beautiful! Love the Caroline flats, looks very comfy. And I'm warming up to the flip flops, despite me never a fan of it.

    I am with you in buying our own presents. I feel it a waste of money and insult at the same time (to the giver) if I cannot appreciate and won't use the said thing. And Dearest Husband agrees as well. It has always been our set up. I tell him what I want for an occasion. My birthday's coming up and he's already prepared.

    1. Oh yes your bday is coming up! wow...Colin has to buy a bday and xmas present on the same I am excited for what he is getting you! I bought two Christmas presents for myself. I am greedy that way. hahaha.

      I agree, it defeats the purpose of a present if I don't enjoy or like it. Plus, I don't want the hassle of having to return something because it isn't exactly what I have in mind. I make lots of hints but Vincent is a little clueless when it comes to women stuff, so I just do it myself.

  2. I don't usually demand/ask for a Christmas present as what I usually receive from him on my birthday is more than enough to put me in the festive mood. And I also want him to have the chance to surprise me on Christmas (but through the years it has always been the usual ones - a set of jewellery, perfumes, cosmetics). There was one time he spent a half day in the garage wrapping my christmas presents (I only knew it afterwards) but just the thought made me so happy and appreciative of him I don't want to deprive him of that opportunity again.