Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Can't help to say Hi

I should not be online right now...but I need a break and I want to say Hi.  I missed out on posting for Halloween, so here's some pictures until I get back.
Summer was fun! But here comes Fall...
To the Pumpkin Patch!
Getting ready for Face painting
Very serious Tinkerbell
The Not so Happy Pumpkin
Already eating her way through her loot while Trick or Treating
Happy Fall everyone!:)


  1. I want to cook pumpkin soup now lol...

    1. Yup, I made pumpkin soup but not from the pumpkins we carved, from butternut squash because they are tastier than those overgrown pumpkins.

  2. Your children are so beautiful. I can see you have had a sunny, warm halloween - ours were wet, windy and dark, not that there's nothing new about it, lol.
    Jackson is a cute, reluctant pumpkin and didn't know Rapunzel has cut down her hair to shoulder length and curled it!
    Did you carve pumpkins as well?

  3. Hi mummynors, Madison's costume is actually that of Merida from the movie Brave that is why she has orange, curly hair. Jackson was not happy being propped up for the photo by himself, he does not like to be put down this boy. Yes, we carved out pumpkins, the last photo with Madison is on our front door where you can see some of the pumpkins we carved.

    1. Oh I am so sorry.I have no idea who Merida is as I am not aware of the Brave movie. I just assumed it's Rapunzel as it does look similar minus the shorter, curly hair.
      It would be nice if in the future our children can carves pumpkins together and do trick or treating together as well.
      Oh, in our dreams, but who knows?!