Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas is Truly Upon Us Now!

With just 4 weeks to go, the advent of the Festive Season is truly upon us now.
Therefore it is just fitting to get Christmassy - and what better way to start doing it than through Christmas home decorating!
For weeks I've busied myself preparing for this most anticipated time of the year.
As soon as we've decided we are not going to the Philippines this December, I immediately started my shopping on Christmas decors - this was as early as the beginning of September.
I am excited. Dearest Husband and even Little Girl are both excited as well.
You see, this will be our first Christmas in England as a family as the past 2 Decembers we were in the Philippines.
This means, this will be our first time to decorate our house as a Christmas family home.
The last time we'd put up our tree and rest of the decorations was 3 years ago - while still pregnant with my little girl.
After that, the few days leading to December was always about getting ready for our Philippine holiday and we don't return until after the New Year's where obviously everything's back to normal.
And as I've promised in my last post, here are a few snaps of our Christmas ready home.
It took me a week to get into this stage of completion.
And we've opted for the red and gold colour scheme.
Here is our tree taking the center stage of our front room.
Put up at 37 days to Christmas, it is indeed a red and gold vision of the Festive Season to come.

Mummy's little helper- eagerly posing with her first ever Christmas tree!

And our fireplace is Christmas ready as well

A closer look at our mantelpiece

And some Christmas cushions to add more to the festive feeling

Our front room is indeed Christmas ready!

And our dining room too, had a Christmas transformation

Even our kitchen has a few touches of Christmas - with some Christmas ornaments on top of our kitchen cabinet and a poinsettia plant by our kitchen sink.

And with this sight, I have no doubt Santa has no way of missing our home when he does his usual Christmas rounds. Our front entrance at night.

Even our downstairs toilet sign had a Christmas make over as well !
(I know it's a bit over the top but I am pretty sure you can all forgive me for this - after all, it's Christmas !)

And with just 30 days left to Christmas, I am now at the start of writing my Christmas cards.
Then Christmas shopping next - the most exciting part !

What about you?  Have you done any Christmas decorating yet?
Where are you now in your Christmas preparations?

Good night everybody!


  1. Love the festive decor and especially the cute little helper under the tree. I am glad that Emilia gets to enjoy christmas at home this year. The best part of Christmas for me is seeing Madison open her present on Christmas morning in the comfort of our home! I didn't go crazy with my decor this year, as I know I have to start work the next day we get back from our trip and won't have time to put stuff away when we get back.

    I am so behind getting our Christmas cards this year! We always get a photo of Madison sent out on the Christmas card but now I have to get one with both kids and there's just no time for me to get it done.

    So now...what are we shopping for?:)

  2. I was so happy seeing the excitement in my Little Girl's eyes while we put up the tree. In fact she was the one urging us to start putting it up. She just could not wait. We let her put the tree topper and she stayed awake with me until we finished decorating it. Now, she just could not stop adoring them - the Christmas lights and the rest of the decors.

    I took a mental note of taking down the Christmas decors immediately after the New Year's as I need time to pack them away and put back the rest of our normal home decors. And the week after, we are off to our Philippine/Singapore holiday so I will be busy packing then.

    I am going out shopping with a friend tomorrow and I've just been thinking on what to buy. We already got a bike for Little Girl and my parents-in-law already told us they don't want any presents and give the money instead to the orphanage we are supporting in Davao. I am thinking of just getting some small stuff I can put on Emilia's stocking and something for Dearest Husband for our upcoming wedding anniversary.

    For a change, I'm a bit behind with my christmas cards this year. Usually at this time of the year, they are already sent away. I am still at the start of writing some especially those that needs posting abroad.

    Yes, can't wait for my little girl to open her presents on Christmas morning. I just hope it will also snow (just for that day) and then it would be truly perfect!

  3. Hello Mommies, you've wowed me with your christmas trees, but Santa surely cannot miss MummyNors house. I love your style decor, exquisite!
    Well, no Christmas tree for us, but I will show Yves the biggest tree in Paris-the Eiffel tower.
    Merry Christmas and wishing u & your loved ones peace, health,
    happiness & prosperity in the coming New Year.
    See you soon Mummy Nors and Emilia!

  4. Do enjoy Paris especially on Christmas. I've read the the Christmas lights at Champs Elysees are spectacular, hope you can see them for me.
    I've been telling Dearest Husband to go to London on 1 weekend as I need to see Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland.
    Pack up warm as it's getting cold here now. And see you soon.