Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas is coming up!

I get so excited when the Holidays get here.  Thanksgiving was very special for us this year, we have so much to be grateful for.  Good health, new baby, passing my board exams, new job and a happy family! It was a great time to celebrate all of it at once.

The day after Thanksgiving was my DH's birthday, being the simple man that he is, all he asked for was for me to make him his favorite food.  Fresh mozzarella eggplant parmesan! It took me almost two hours to make it, what with all the breading that I had to do to each slice.  But it was well worth it!  Here's my happy man.

Happy 38th birthday!
Of course, we have to put our Christmas decorations up right after Thanksgiving.  We all helped putting it out while the Christmas songs played in the background.  It was a wonderful way to spend quality time with the family.

Madison gets to put up the star on top of the tree
Our ornaments always has something special for the year
A grumpy reindeer we have here
Now Jackson gets his own stocking!
She was so happy to find the candy canes she can eat
Now I have to watch out for this kid...she will eat all the candy canes in no time!
When we were done, I had to get down on the computer to try to get some good deals from the Black Friday sale.  I told hubby that I will start looking for his Christmas present for me! It wasn't too long before I get an email for the private sale at Gucci that I finally found a perfect present.  I guess it's going to be another purse for me. hahaha

Now you know why I love the holidays so much...I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday!


  1. First, a very happy thanksgiving to you all!
    Second, congratulations on the new job, well done!
    Third, what a beautiful tree you've got there with a very excited Madison. I can truly understand her- the sweeties are just so tempting!
    And finally, I love that cuddly grumpy reindeer. I think he's a mini you!

  2. And may I add, Happy birthday Vincent!

  3. Thank you Nors! We always put up our tree after Thanksgiving, although if it was up to me, it would have been up by October! This year we are leaving for the holidays to go to the east coast and we are going to have a family christmas a week early at home as our custom every time we decide to travel.

    As for Jackson, I can't seem to get him to smile for the camera! He hates being put down and so I always have to snap the pictures before he is about to cry. Vincent says thank you!:P

  4. Agree with you Mads, this is a great year for you, all the good news that every family will hope for-great job and addition to the family!
    That fresh mozarella eggplant looks great, can you share that recipe next time? maybe I will try to do it since my love wants a different version of ratatouille..hehehe
    maybe if I see your tree, I will join Madison too. Jackson is grumpy because he wants also some candies...

  5. and belated happy birthday to Vincent!