Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Hello everybody and Hello November!
But  before we can truly welcome November let us not first forget Halloween.
I must admit I wasn't  prepared for this year's Halloween. As mentioned  in my previous post, I had the week before with my hand's full on the DIY bedroom makeover. To make it even busier,  I had to do the necessary catching up with my house chores and laundry (ironing as well) that piled up during the DIY days.
But of course, we just could not let Halloween go by just because of my DIY.

What Halloween wouldn't be complete without some pumpkins!
Carved the night before in a  such a haste but was still a very surprising and pleasant turn out and made my Little Girl  very happy and excited.

Which graced our front door along with my friend pretending to be the vampire!

Left with not much time to decorate but just to have a quick Halloween atmosphere in the house (apart from the front door decor) buntings helped achieved the easy trick.
Living Room Halloween bunting 

Another thing about the Halloween excitement is the dressing up (which I just leave that part only to my little girl ). Every year I make it a point that she gets to dress in a new outfit different from the previous ones.
Here she is in her past Halloween outfits!
A pretty witch in pink at 10 months old for her first Halloween (left)
A very cutie spider the year after (middle)
And a sulking little white lady last year (right)

As my little girl is already old enough this year to understand Halloween I let her choose her outfit.
Her outfit choice didn't surprise me at all as she was into pirates lately.
Here is  my very lovely, naughty pirate!
My darling Captain Emilia!

I  mentioned in one of my recent posts about my plan of hosting an afternoon tea to my friends at my newly finished dining room before we do the trick or treating.

Here are a few pictures of our Halloween afternoon tea.
One happy occasion to bring out my chinawares
Small pumpkins and Halloween printed paper napkins as placemats set the tone for a Halloween table setting
Biscuits, chocolate cake, scones, tart jams, sandwiches, cupcakes, sausage rolls served with a very warm cup of tea made up our Halloween afternoon tea at home

Once full and ready to venture the cold outside we proceeded with the trick or treating part of the afternoon.
I'm glad we started it early and got back home just before the rain started pouring again and were able to marvel  and enjoy the other trick or treaters who kept our door bell very busy that night.

My little trick or treater was more into the fun of going round different houses and knocking doors than the sweets she gets to have. Her friend was more than happy to take home her bucketful of Halloween treats.

Until next Halloween and a very good night everyone!


  1. Oh boy how fun. I wish I attended the tea party! Emilia's chubby cheeks hasn't changed since she was a baby. She looks about the same! What a cute pirate she makes. Did you make the cake and cookies for the party? I got so busy planning for mine and attending to guests I seriously forgot to take pictures. I will post my blog as soon as I managed to get it out of whatever I have on my phone. I'm glad you guys had a fun Halloween!:P

  2. I wish too that we could just attend each other's parties, that would be so fantastic!
    I am lousy on the baking side so everything served (except for the sandwiches were supermarket bought. Had to go to Waitrose the night before as they have very good food which I don't mind serving it to my guests. The moist chocolate cake is a favourite of mine (so is Emilia's) and we always have 1 in our fridge.
    Like you I was also very busy (and in fact set the table the night before) and had only a few pictures and managed to snap while the guests were not around yet.
    Our Halloween is always wet and cold but this weather has become a part of the British way of life and you can't help to admire that despite of it people still go out and carry on with their daily lives. I get fascinated and appreciated all their efforts, young children along with their parents, all dressed up and made up, going round houses braving the chill and the rain. That's the Halloween spirit here.

  3. that pirate is sooooo cute!
    For these years I stayed in Singapore, I had never celebrate Halloween even once, I know how lame is that!.
    But we do get the occasionally trick or treater coming around. so I make sure I just have a lot of goodies to give.
    I love the cookies and that chocolate moist gave me a good giggle!

    1. Did you get to dress Yves in the end?
      I couldn't remember if I also offered to you last time the moist chocolate cake?
      Yes my pirate is so cute. I think I'll be doing a pirate themed party for her birthday but it is difficult to find something for girls as it's always associated for boys but we'll see. She might not be into pirates when the time comes.

  4. No I didnt dress Yves.. I think so...I've been eating nonstop in your house but I did try it again during our stopover