Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Fall Back!

I thought I was going to get an extra hour of sleep today since it was officially Fall in California with the time moving back an hour for daylight savings time, I guess not.  My little boy has no concept of time whatsoever and decides 6:30 AM is no different than 7:30.  Anyway, I did promise to post our Halloween photos and blog about it but silly me, I got so busy preparing dinner and getting the kids ready for trick or treating that I forgot to take my camera and take pictures! Oh well.  We had a great time and that's all that matters right? Here's whatever pictures we managed to take during our fun Hallow's eve.

Our house number decked out in goofy pumpkin stickers

Our front screen door with a fuzzy tarantula

My daughter and I also made some arts and crafts of witch's hats, bats, a mummy and scared pumpkins to adorn our windows.

Pumpkins we carved and painted and glittered, we have one each for each member of our family :)
We were dressed as a skeleton's two of the cutest skeletons in the planet!

We had some friends over that we invited for dinner and game night, we ended playing Junior Taboo with them and the kids had a blast!
Here with her best friend Isabel dressed as a spider

And of course the main treat for the kids, a pot full of goodies that they collected from our neighbors, this is just for one kid! Craziness....
I feel bad I didn't take all the pictures I could have taken.  I took out all the Halloween decorations we put up today and got ready for Thanksgiving....
One of the two scarecrows we left out that can stay until Thanksgiving
I hope everybody had a great Halloween! 


  1. Great Halloween indeed!
    First, can you imagine if we live near each other? You could have been in my house for the afternoon tea, do trick or treating together then come back to your house for the dinner? Wouldn't be that fantastic?
    Second, your skeletons are so cute! Jackson is not a skinny skeleton though! Did you put any dusting powder on Madison's hair? I did that to my little girl's hair last year when she was a little white lady but the rain washed it out and the wind blew it away. What a weather here!
    Third, I like all your decors. That tarantula must be glowing in the dark? The first pumpkin on the right is obviously you with the red lipstick, lol.But how come Madison's glittery? And most of all I love that scarecrow. Personally, I would leave it there whole year round. It's a beautiful garden accessory.
    I know about the Halloween treats. It's the fun of going round and collecting it. But they don't really get eaten much, do they? My little girl is not into sweets. She gave all hers to her friend.
    Lastly, is it just my computer screen or does our blog just had a makeover? I can see different fonts and colours now.

  2. Yes, I changed the fonts and colors because I have trouble reading the last one, can't seem to see when the sentences end and begin! Do you now think it is easier to read? I don't know if I was the only one having issues with the last one. And I did put baby powder on her hair and make-up lines on her face to make her look like a little girl turned old lady skeleton, she had a Halloween parade at school in the morning and I am still waiting on photos for those. I will try to post photos. I usually make it a habit to get the kids excited for every holiday by making their own decors a week or two prior to the event. It is just so much fun doing it with her each time and I get to see how she expresses herself through it. I am the same way, I collect all the candy from her and give it away for favors for birthdays in a pinata. about recycling. I am sure most candies don't expire anyway. She almost always never gets to eat any of them. She will pick a few and forget about it.

    I know right?! I wish we live close. I am almost certain, we will not run out of parties between our kids, hehehe.

  3. how i really wish that we all live near each other, i think our kids will have a blast! and finally i will have a chance to dress up Yves, since we have a reason to celebrate!
    Madison is really tall for her age and she is the fairest of them all, but it looks like that it runs in the family..