Sunday, November 3, 2013

More Costumes anyone?

I'm posting more pictures that I finally managed to take out from my phone.  This was taken at Madison's Halloween Parade at school.  Just want to show what a big deal Halloween is for American kids.
How cute are these girls? esp that rainbow monster costume of her friend?

Madison with her classmates from school getting ready for their Halloween parade...she is the tallest among them!

Here they are waiting to take their turn to go around and show off their was one sunny day!

Everyone is on their best behavior so far
Until Madison spots her mom and her brother in the crowd!hehehe
In the end, it was well worth it for Mommy calling in sick from work to witness all the festivities of Halloween.  It was great to be able to be there for my little girl.  Times like these fly by fast and I don't think I will get to enjoy this as long as I want to.  Ten years from now, I will never see my little girl be goofy and excited for Halloween.  They just grow up so fast and I try to enjoy every moment of it no matter how life gets so crazy.


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  2. Is Halloween parade a practice of each school all over America? Or it depends per jurisdiction?
    We have no such thing here in fact Halloween is always on the school half term break.
    But school parade is a nice event. I remember back in my grade school days our school has always an event to have a parade around town.
    They all look cute in their Halloween outfits.
    And you do have a sunny weather there while we have the Autumn chill here. Envious.
    How sunny or warm is your Autumn by the way?

  3. Yes, each school has Halloween Parade for kids. Last year, the festivities was after the class and they set up food and game booths for kids to enjoy, but they quickly realized having it in the morning is better because by the end of the day, the costumes are all messed up and parents can't make it in time to get back for it, but that was another district when we used to live in another city. She is new to this school and as far as I know from most parents, it is always held in the morning and it runs all day long with the kids counting pumpkin seeds for math class, and doing schoolwork with a Halloween twist, they also change to regular clothes after the parade so the costumes won't be a cause of distraction for the rest of the day.
    Right now, we have highs of 80 degrees and lows of 60, so its really nice out in the mid morning!:P