Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year! 2014, Here we come.

I always see a new year as another challenge.  A way to challenge myself to make this year better than the last.   What a great 2013 it has been.  I look back and think there is no way I can beat that.  I am looking forward for another joyous and adventurous ride!  Last year has been good to my family.  I started the year with a new job in a very exciting new career.  We found ourselves another house we can now call home.  My daughter turned six and started first grade in her  new school without a hitch.  We celebrated my son's wonderful first year of life.

Madison posing on our the front yard the day we closed escrow on our new home

I'm six!
Jackson's First birthday invitation

 Although we ended the year with much anxiety over Jackson's health, we managed to overcome our nerves with the fact that we are very blessed to have him every day of our life.  I pray this new year will bring good health and continuous happiness for our family.
We just adore you Jackson!
Sister and Brotherly love is the best

drooling over his present,hehehe
A new year is also a good time to make resolutions.  Number one on my list is to make my kids my priority.  No matter what the cost.  I realized there is always time to make more money and afford better things in life.  But there is nothing in this world that will buy back the time that I could have spent with my kids.  They won't be so little forever.  I dread the day that I will have to beg them to stay home with me.  Good news is, I already achieved part of that resolution a week ago.  My boss approved my decision to go on a part time status until my kids are a little bit older.  I went from working 4-5 days a week to 3 days.  A decision that I know will give me more time to be with Jackson and handle his health concerns efficiently. 

The year hasn't been perfect but obstacles come and go.  If it doesn't make us any wiser, it definitely makes us stronger.  I will not only hope for a better year, but I commit to make it happen.  That is my challenge.  A challenge that I look forward to conquer. 
2014, Here we come.

Happy New Year to Everyone!


  1. Happy new year to you and your family, wishing that 2014 will be a great year, full of laughter, happiness, prosperity and good health!

    I really don't believe in making New Year Resolutions because I don't think i can keep it.
    But I agree with you, that a New Year is a good time to make resolutions...I realised that New Year is about hope and opportunity to start over, the chance to do better than before and the new possibility of making a positive change in our lives or other people's lives....

    so on my next blog, I will be writing my New Years resolution and plan on how to achieve them...

  2. I don't believe in it either. For me,It is more of a plan and a decision to make things happen, whether it is in the beginning of the year or not. I think everyday of our lives should be a chance to keep our promises. I hope you and your family will have a great 2014. I look forward to your blog, it's been a while since we tried to catch up here. I thought the new year would give it a kick start. :P

  3. Happy New Year! May 2014 be very good to all of us.
    It is always very good to look back and count our blessings. (And the trials as well as it only makes us stronger).
    I am happy for your decision to put your children first than career.(Not that it has never been). Must be very hard considering the temptation on financial returns and self worth is very high yet at the end of the day it is our beloved family that really matters.
    I hope whatever medical condition Jackson has will soon be resolved. He is such a beautiful boy and I believe everything is fine.

  4. Thank you MummyNors. I very well hope so. There isn't a day I am not scared or worried about him but at this point, we try to remain optimistic. Enjoy your trip to the Philippines to see your family!:P